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After decades of watching space shuttles launched from the twin pads out on the tip of Cape Canaveral, today I headed to the beach to witness for the last time a space shuttle lift-off.

Proud, but sad. Bittersweet for many of us.  I walked to the beach with a woman whose Dad has been part of the launch team for 51 years, and was project manager for the repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope.  This mission’s payload was his final shuttle project.  He’s now 75 years of age, and reluctant to call it quits.  Like so many others, the space program has been his life.

Congratulations once again to the launch team at the Cape, the mission team at Johnson Space Center, and all the men and women who have had a hand in producing America’s proudest accomplishments. You are the giants upon whose shoulders men and women vaulted into the next great frontier.

Last month I flew with the 920th Rescue Wing out of Patrick AFB in Cocoa Beach and we made several passes in restricted air space over the space shuttle Atlantis at the launch pad.

Photos by Andrea Shea King

Here are my pics of this morning’s momentous and memorable event.  Did you witness it too?

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Join the Tea Party in Space.

We are a national Tea Party.

We started in Florida but now have active members in Florida, Texas, Virginia,  California, Maryland, Georgia, Utah, Colorado, Massachusetts and Ohio.  

We are unique.  We have worked with senators on the left and right.  We supported the call for competition and free markets from Senators Feinstein and Boxer.  We also supported Senator Shelby and Chambliss who also supported this call for competition.

We discovered the $11 billion dollar earmark for the Space Launch System as well as pointing out how poorly James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) was being operated.  JWST was just terminated in the Appropriations committee after being at least eight years behind schedule and $5 billion dollars over budget.

We are a great Tea Party and looking to network with other Tea Parties to educate patriots on the space program.



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