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Our friend Ann Barnhardt has written a post today that you must, MUST read.  I reprint it here for your convenience. But please make it a point to visit her site on a regular and frequent basis.  This is a woman who has her head on straight, her gun at her side, and God at her back.

Pre-emptively Tying Things Together
Posted by Ann Barnhardt – July 10, AD 2011 7:46 PM MST

There is one more loose end that needs to be tied together regarding Gunwalker. In the last 2 1/2 months I have heard from very credible sources, who are unconnected, the same thing repeatedly – so frequently that it is truly frightening.

There have been numerous, and I mean NUMEROUS, muslim plots to wage Mumbai-style attacks against churches and synagogues that have been foiled and thwarted in the U.S. within the last several years. By “Mumbai-style” I mean muslims walking into churches heavily armed with AK-47s and open-firing on the congregation. This is what they did in Mumbai, India, except that they focused on stations, hospitals, hotels and other public areas. In Mumbai, there were ten discrete attack locations carried out simultaneously. 164 people were killed with 308 wounded. Churches and synagogues have people much more tightly packed than the hotels, hospitals and offices targeted in Mumbai.

A few weeks ago, the “American Al Qaeda”, Adam Gadahn, released a video calling and urging muslims in the U.S. to carry out attacks against “their religion and sacred places”.

What does this have to do with Gunwalker? Well, in case you have been under a rock for the last ten years, muslim terror outifts (yes, that is redundant) such as Hamas and Hizbullah are actively coordinating with the Mexican narco-terror gangs in Mexico, and Hamas and Hizbullah already have a huge physical presence in Mexico and are entering the United States across the Mexican border. Border agents report finding muslim and arabic paraphernalia routinely on the “coyote trails” on the Southwest border. Additionally, we have seen the Mexican narco-terror gangs start to use such tactics as beheadings with significantly increased frequency over the past several years. This implies a muslim cultural influence. Finally, we have the fact of Central and South American Marxists embracing and actively allying themselves with muslim states, led by Hugo Chavez’ strong alliance with Iran. Did you know that Iran has TROOPS stationed in Venezuela, and has promised to arm Chavez, or at least park a nuclear device in Venezuela as soon as possible?

Read it and weep.

So, the Obama-Clinton criminal machine has been sending thousands – and probably tens of thousands – of AK-platform weapons not only into the hands of the narco-terror gangs in Mexico and Central America, but also into the hands of their muslim allies who have been and will continue to plot Mumbai-style attacks against the U.S. It is a miracle – and that is exactly the word that was used to describe it to me: “MIRACLE” – that diligent Americans have managed to thwart every one of these musloid attacks so far. But guys, it is just a matter of time. It will happen. Musloids will walk into a church somewhere in suburban America, walk uncontested through the narthex and into the sanctuary or auditorium. They will then open fire on the neatly arranged and tightly packed congregants, every one of whom is sitting with their back to the door, with AK-47s that very well could have been supplied by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder via Operation Fast and Furious, and all of the other gun walking programs instituted nationwide.

When Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot earlier this year in Arizona, the entire ATF and DOJ was in a state of blind panic because they thought that Giffords had been shot in a hit by the Mexican narco-terror gangs who had threatened her for some work she was doing on the border issue. But beyond that, the core cause of their panic was the fact that they knew it was possible that Giffords had been shot with a Gunwalker weapon. As it turned out, the gunman was a severely mentally ill American who was a fan of Marx and Hitler. But the panic by the ATF was certainly warranted, and it will be warranted again when the first muslim Mumbai-style attack takes place on U.S. soil. The odds are very high that the weapons used will have been supplied by Obama, Clinton and Holder.

Now, an action item. If you go to church, you need to schedule a meeting with your priest/pastor/rabbi/whatever and explain this situation to them. If they make the predictable argument that “guns in church means the terrorists win”, you need to remind them that the terrorists aren’t keeping score by counting guns. They are keeping score by counting DEAD BODIES. DEAD MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN are the metric.

Every church in North America should have armed men on the door during all major services. Anyone who concealed carries should carry to church without hesitation. There is NOTHING sinful or immoral about being armed in a church. NOTHING. Remember, the apostles wore their sidearms to the Last Supper. Sidearms have been carried and worn in churches since time immemorial. The muslims are coming. And there will be casualties. But, by God, we need to be returning fire and defending our families and children when it happens. Dear God, I hope it never does happen – but given that muslims are openly declaring their plans and the Obama-Clinton machine is arming them to the teeth and holding open the door for them, we MUST be ready to defend ourselves.

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