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An email thread among blogger friends focused on the nastiness of Bill Maher.  One wrote:

Close your eyes and listen to him: that’s a 14 year old sitting in mom’s basement smoking pot with his friends and pretending he’s smart. In a minute he’s going to yell “mom! Is it time for my milk and cookies?”

With that image in your head…how can you give him a moment of your own intellect. He’s just a 14 year old, on a cable show no one watches, which is the equivalent of his mother’s basement.

And by the way…look at the friends who are in the basement with him…losers and rejects.

I agree, and would take it a step further.  Maher’s the 14-year-old juvenile delinquent who’s yelling to his mother “Hey Beeyotch, get your a$$ down here and bring my (fill in the blank) with you.  NOW!

I don’t think he’d be asking for milk and cookies.  He’s a punk.  Of the first order.

At 14, this jerk would have long ago graduated from milk and cookies to wiping the floor with his mother.

I am reminded of “Sid”, the punk next-door-neighbor kid in the first “Toy Story” movie.  You know, the one who stole his sister’s toys and turned them into macabre objects, and tried to burn Woody on the grill.

Ya, that kid…. (at 1:25)