Was shooter fed up with government policies re: Islamic immigration?

Lots of email this morning with speculation about what caused the Norwegian bomber/shooter to do what he did. So far, the most fascinating is this one from Charlotte in CA.

I’m not sure that the shooter was a psychopath. He may have been motivated by irate indignation that could no longer be contained – overwhelming frustration. My guess is that as a native Norwegian he decided to display his fury with his government’s policies of coddling and catering to Muslims, their immigration policies and social handout largesse for these jihadist infiltrators. He may be branded a ‘neo-Nazi,’ but if you look at the big picture, it could also be the beginning of a pan-Europe militant pushback movement designed to demonstrate to the ME termites in their midst that they aren’t going to hand over their national culture and sovereignty without an enormous fight.

Just a look at 3 interviews with the ‘campers’ on the island tells me that it was a camp for Norwegian Muslim ‘youth,’ and so this guy was making a statement: ‘You target OUR children and OUR women for rape & abuse, so let me show you what our retaliation will look like if you don’t either quiet down or return to your countries of origin and leave Norway and Norwegians alone. It’s OUR country, not yours.’

That’s what I believe to be the shooter’s thinking…………..and so just as Geert Wilders’ peaceful, lawful reaction to the Islamification of Europe has gained support all over the continent, you might see other nativists throughout Europe now striking back in similar ways. No one with any historical perspective could think that the ultimate ejection of this conquering Islamic jihadist wave in Europe will be accomplished without a lot of bloodshed. The Wilders method can only achieve so much. After that, you’ll have patriotic Europeans committing acts like this – maybe a whole epidemic of them – to show the invading jihadists that two can play their vicious, bloody game and to show them that Norwegians really are not sheep meekly waiting to be slaughtered or bound, gagged and turned into ghostly slaves in the service of the Norwegian segment of a ‘global caliphate!’

Meanwhile, I’ll wait to see ‘developments’ before confidently asserting that this ‘camp’ was for Muslim ‘youths’ only, and I’ll also be interested in discovering just what the daily activities were. What was being promoted? What was being taught? Was this a jihadist training camp? Why do all of the survivors look like Pakistani or Bangladeshis and/or Somalis?……………Why were there no Scandinavian teenagers in this camp?

I saw them on Fox about 3 hours ago, so I think for sure that you can find them on the Fox website. Absolutely certain that this camp of 500 ‘youths’ does not include children of Scandinavian heritage, so this shooter was making two statements:

1) The current Norwegian gov’t is handing our country to Islam on a silver platter, and we who are direct descendants of the fearless (and fearsome) Vikings will NOT tolerate your policies.

2) Camp shooting = here is what we original Norwegians intend to do about the influx of deadly rodents among us.

91 of the 98 targets weren’t true Norwegians. They were middle eastern immigrants whose announced purpose (by the top ‘Imam’ in Oslo) is NOT to assimilate, but to take over the country and rule it as part of a global caliphate under Shari’a law.

Just my interpretation of the events………..so far.

Jus’ sayin’……………….

From Brutally Honest: This grainy photo taken from a helicopter shows the killer standing in the midst of the carnage, apparently looking toward his next victim on the lower left who appears to be pleading for his life.

The Anchoress has a good round-up of what others are speculating and asks:

“Am I the only one wondering about this? I mean, those pictures — come on! Was he posing for posterity? Wants to make sure the headlines have a good picture?”

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  1. This article is a load of rubbish.

    Interviews on international television show the survivors to be white, caucasian youth.
    The camp was for the youth wing of the Labour party (centre-left), and would presumably have been promoting the ideals of that party, probably alongside citizenship and co-operation.

    You state that a “top Imam” announced their purpose is to take over. What is his name, and where and when did he say this?

    And as for your statement that the victims appeared somali or bangladeshi or pakistani, have you actually bothered to look beyond a couple of interviews? Reputable international news programs are showing white gunshot victims who are fully Nordic in appearance.

    The gunman attacked the children associated with the ruling, centre-left party of Norway, It would be roughly equivalent to shooting up a camping weekend arrange by the dominant party in America when there is an intention for the leaders of their party -or even the President- to visit them.

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