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Photo by Andrea Shea King

Blogging has been pretty light since Saturday while I traveled to New York City for the “invitation-only” screening of a documentary that honors and highlights the victims and survivors of 9-11, specifically the NYFD and the few who managed to escape the fiery hell of the World Trade Center and lived to tell about it.

More about that in another post.

While I was traveling I used my new iPhone to keep up with email, headlines at Drudge and Memeorandum, and a sweep through some of my favorite sites. With so many events popping, it was a challenge.

So today I’ll resume my post-writing, but I have to confess, it’s hard to know where to start. The Washington fuster cluck? The ever exploding ATF scandal (and yes, that pun was deliberate)? The Norwegian? It’s all a bit overwhelming. The Ground Zero Victory mosque? Like June, news is bustin’ out all over.

So, I’ll start with something I thought of last night when I found out that the tent cities popping up all over the country to house the homeless are here in my community too. Like the Hoovervilles of the 30’s, so named for the President whose disastrous policies exacerbated the deep economic depression, I call these Obamavilles. Do I have to tell you why?

In my local newsrag via Sad Hill comes this story, hot on the heels of a major layoff at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center that will have a ripple effect on our area, right down to those already living on the economic edge.


Next, Baron, Dymphna and Fjordman at Gates of Vienna have always written about what’s happening in Europe and Scandinavia.  They are writing about — and breaking news of — the attack on Norway’s parliament in Oslso, and the horrific shooting of some 70 teens and children sequestered on an island.

The Left is in overdrive working to pin this on the Tea Party movement, the “right wing extremists”, the fundamental Christians, and anybody else not in their fetid camp of totalitarianism.  Add GoV to your list of daily reads if you want to know the truth.  Also, Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs is on it too.  Forget reading your daily newspaper or relying on the cable newsers to tell you the whole story or the complete truth. Gates of Vienna and Atlas Shrugs should be your “go-to” sites.

And you should check in with show producer Dave Logan’s site.  A man of few words, but when ThirdWaveDave speaks, people listen.


Mike Vanderbeogh and David Codrea continue to report on an up-to-the-minute basis about the deepening scandal that looks to bring down the corrupt racist who’s been masquerading as Obama’s attorney general.  The ATF’s disastrous and illegal and unConstitutional (yes, I repeat myself) gunrunning operation looks to bring this sucka’ down, and it won’t be a moment too soon.

How do I know?  Well, besides reading Sipsey Street and Codrea’s column, I watched Rep. Darrell Issa say as much yesterday morning on the Imus show on Fox Business News.  Video here.


OK — that’s it for now.  More later.  Check out the sites I’ve mentioned.  Oh… one more thing:  add Ann Barnhardt’s website to your rounds.  Woman’s got big uns and tells it like it is, in some of the most ballzy prose I’ve ever read.

Carry on…