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Do we have time for this? I wonder…


Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
Wednesday, 03 August 2011

What was it I said about sausage and the law last week?  What emerged as “the debt ceiling deal” since could not possibly be called edible sausage.  It is such a putrid malodorous maggot-infested dog’s breakfast that no non-deranged dog would eat it.

Yet it’s only the appetizer.  The main course America is dining on today is itself.  Autophagous mean “self-devouring.”  Our country is committing suicide by devouring itself.  America has become an autophagous nation.

I always request a window seat on an airplane.No matter how many times I’ve flown across the US, I always see something memorably beautiful I’ve never seen before.  To see that beauty below is so heartbreaking now, to gaze down upon such a blessed land so perversely destroying its blessings.

Washington DC has long been a fetid fever swamp of political insanity – but the level of lunacy is now full-on psychotic, and on both sides.  Both the Dems and the Pubs, both the enemedia and the normally more sane punditry.

The editorial writers at the Wall Street Journal were smoking crack when they wrote A Tea Party Triumph on Monday (8/01).  To call a $2.4 trillion debt increase a “victory for the forces of smaller government” is way beyond delusional.  We’re into Flat Earthism here.

And how about this pile of steaming cowpies from faux-conservative Grover Norquist?  He has the Audacity of Bilge to call thisA Victory for Reagan Republicans.

Folks, the Tea Party Reagan Republicans have been screwed blue and tattooed by Boehner & Co.  They got nothing, while Zero got exactly what he wanted all along – enough funny money trillions to spend all the way to his re-election.

In exchange, they got an I-promise-I’ll-love-you-in-the-morning pledge of microscopic decreases in the galloping acceleration of deficit spending. It’s a lie to call them “cuts.” The only real actual budget cuts, wait and see, will be in defense and national security.

As Pelosi Galore is making clear, the $2.4 trillion will last only 18 months – until Zero’s re-inauguration day in January 2013.

Meanwhile, the Dems and the MSNBC loonies are maniacally foaming that Tea Partyers are “terrorists” for thwarting an orgy of envy via punishing the productive with more tax thievery.  They are more psycho than the Norquist flat-earthers.

Craziest of all was the hysteria claiming an apocalyptic “default” would occur unless the debt ceiling was raised.  This was all a straight con in order to give Zero more play money – and everyone, even 58 Tea Party freshmen, fell for it.  This is more nuts than thinking the earth is flat – this is as nuts as thinking the earth is hollow.

The only sane people on Capitol Hill now are the 66 Republicans in the House who voted against the Budget Control Act (174 Pubs voted yes; 95 Dems voted no because it didn’t raise taxes), and 19in the Senate (28 voted yes; 6 Dems no for the same reason).As the consequences of this monstrosity mount, more and more voters will realize these 85 No More Debt Pubs are the heroes here.  The economy will continue to tank.  Catalyzing the collapse will be the inevitable rating agency downgrade (Moody’s, S&P, &/or Fitch) resulting in Carter-era interest rates and inflation.

Another catalyst will be the lack of buyers for Treasuries.  Who is going to loan Uncle “Debt Man Walking” Sam $2.4 trillion, or $133 billion a month over the next 18 months?  Not even the Chinese have that much dough and they aren’t stupid enough to give it to us anyway.

So welcome to QE to infinity and beyond, trillions in play money printed by the Fed out of the ether.  Guess what that will do to the value of your pension, savings, and what your paycheck will buy at Safeway or Wal-Mart.

Then the blame game begins, a holy-hell-to-pay war between what Richard Rahn calls the taxtakers vs. the taxpayers.  There are more of them than us, but we’ve got more guns. The Left may be in its death throes, as Jack Kelly theorizes, but that is long-term, years away.  We haven’t got the time.  The great victory of November 2010 gave us a false hope that a Republican House would have the courage to actually defund the government, starting with ObamaCare. Fat chance.  It was a bridge too far.  Those who excuse the debt raise say to keep our eyes on 2012, just wait until the GOP keeps the House and takes both the Senate and the White House – only then can government and spending be reined in.

No it can’t and no it won’t.  Not with the Boehner-McConnell Republican Establishment in charge, which wants its guy Romney in the Oval Office.

Remember Dick Armey, the former House Majority Leader in the Clinton and early Bush years?  He’s now Chairman of FreedomWorks, one of the major Tea Party organizations.  He lives in Dallas, where we had lunch last week at his favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.  He was very clear about what’s needed:”The last thing we and the other Tea Party groups want is to form a third party. That’s the path to oblivion.  What we are engaged in is a hostile takeover of the Republican Party.  We are going to control the machinery of the GOP from the national to the local precinct level – let the Rinos form a third party if they don’t like it.

“The Radical Left succeeded in taking over the Democrat Party, and look what they have accomplished.  We, the Radical Constitutionalists, will succeed in taking over the GOP.  That and only that will make taking the House, Senate, and White House in 2012 worthwhile.”

Historian Will Durant famously observed:  A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.

America is devouring itself.  Only a Tea Party takeover of the GOP will stop American autophagy, and enable America to be healthy and strong again.  We have a lot of work to do from now to November 2012.