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“Awoke this morning to hear terrible news of losing so many of our finest in Afghanistan. We are losing our best and our leaders are doing their worst! Thank you Tea Party for not just holding the line but saying enough is enough. You have been villainized and spit on, but it is for our heroes and our future that we must do better for our country. These men we lost paid for our freedom with their blood and their lives and now their families are suffering from their loss. Everyone of us should think of that every second of the day.

I hear so many people say that don’t want to be bothered with the “sad state of affairs” of our nation and the world. I say be bothered be extremely bothered! We are a great nation, we are America. God bless our fallen heroes and their families. I am so sorry for their loss.”Post comment from Angel Eyes 73

Mississippi River, LaCross, WI - photo by Tabitha Hale

As we kick off Day 2 of our Wisconsin tour, we’re taking the message of job creation to the good people of Wisconsin.  Before I tell you more about that, I want to tell you it has not gone unnoticed that the good folks in the Dairy State are the nicest, friendliest people, ready with a helping hand and a big smile.  In fact, conversation noting that was shared by several of us over breakfast this morning as we dined beside a gorgeous view of the beautiful Mississippi.

Tabitha Hale, (“Pinkelephantpun” on Twitter) who is here representing Freedom Works as its new media director, snapped some photos that I’ll post once she’s uploaded them. (UPDATE: See above!) I’ll be updating this post whenever I can as we move through the state today.  Radio show producer Dave Logan will be posting constant updates at ThirdWaveDave as I call them in to him.

Some of the mainstream media pick-ups we got from yesterday’s rallies in Hudson and LaCrosse:




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Today’s theme for our “Restoring Common Sense” tour is “It’s about the jobs!”

Earlier this year the state of Wisconsin faced a $3 bn budget shortfall.  With some tough decisions and much needed reforms, Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicans balanced the budget.  Incredible considering it is something the Federal Government has been unable to do.

In the 3 years before Gov. Walker was elected, 150,000 jobs had been lost — making WI one of the worst states for lost jobs. Since Walker took office in January, WI has ADDED nearly 40,000 private sector jobs.  In six short months, WI is already the 5th best job creating state in America.

Gov. Walker’s plan to boost the economy is WORKING and new jobs are being created every day. WI added 9,500 jobs in June alone.  Those on the left hate this because it proves their big-spending ideas don’t work.

Opposition from national Unions has NOTHING to do with the budget… if it did, they would be supporting these budget measures that are already putting Wisconsinites back to work, and bringing greater economic prosperity to the entire state.

Union opposition has EVERYTHING to do with power. They are furious that Gov. Walker doesn’t respect their long tradition of forcing governments to bend to their will — without regard for the taxpayer.

The “Restoring Common Sense” pre-election tour spans four days and visits nine cities. A large coalition has come together to support this effort, with national groups including Tea Party Nation, FreedomWorks, 60 Plus, Patriot Action Network, Grassfire Nation, American Grassroots Coalition, and the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama contributing to the effort.

The full tour schedule is posted at www.TeaPartyExpress.org.