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Aboard the bus now, I’m checking email and find this piece at Sultan Knish.  It’s a good read. Here are the opening paragraphs to get you started.  Link to the rest of it at the end.

Joe Biden has compared the Tea Party to terrorists. Maureen Dowd compared them to cannibals and vampires. Then having run out of mythical monsters, or monsters they believe are mythical, there was nothing to do but roll out a few more articles about the Republican Party being taken over by Dittoheads from Outer Space.

What’s interesting about all this Pravdaesque bile is that the focus of liberal rage and terror is aimed at the grass roots. The left dismisses the Republican party as an organization of bankers and capitalists counting their money in between making orphans sweep their chimneys, but then when a populist wave sweeps across it– they pen dismal articles longing for the days when reasonable country club republicans ran things.

Say what you will about the closeted northeastern establishment which donates to gay rights in between golfing sessions, it knows how to be reasonable. Sometimes it’s so reasonable that it scares itself. But in between listening to Chamber of Commerce lobbyists explain why America needs illegal aliens and why their chosen industry needs subsidies– a different element crept in. A strange creature known as the American voter showed up and demanded to be heard.

The left has looked over the two Republican parties, the party of smokestacks and Pedro clean my kitchen, and the party of less taxes and less government interference. And decided that the smokestack party looks pretty good after all. It’s easier to deal with liberal capitalists on the hill than with libertarian visigoths at the gate.

On MSNBC, pretend journalist Martin Bashir, interviewed a pretend doctor who explained that Tea Party members were pathologically addicted to “getting their own way”. The Communists claimed that religion was the opiate of the people. Now freedom is the new addiction. “They Can’t Stop Doing Their Own Thing– on the next Phil Donahue.”And the only cure is a 12 step UN and EU program to put your faith in Hope and Change.

Addicts, terrorists, vampires, zombies and cannibals. So many names for people who are tired and angry of being at the tail end of a nation run for the benefit of the Bashirs and Bidens. Who aren’t looking for a handout, a subsidy or a government job– but are addicted to the opiate of freedom.

How do you please voters who just want to be left alone? It’s a frightening question that no politician wants to confront. The political establishment runs on doling out favors. In their absence there is nothing but the sounds of a country getting back to work.

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