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UPDATE: We did have the GOP in TWO of our FOUR rallies – Senator Kapanke in La Crosse and challenger Jonathan Steitz in Kenosha. Kudos to both!

It’s early Sunday morning and I’m in my hotel room watching the sun come up.  It’s quiet and I have some time to think and share some of my thoughts with you before the day’s schedule takes over.

We’ve done four rallies so far.  And you know what I’m wondering?  Where are the local politicians, the elected officials, the so-called “leadership” who should be at these rallies to support their governor and these six Republican Senators who are being recalled?

Last night at the Thiensville rally to support Alberta Darling, where was she?  Politicking at the County Fair.  Why didn’t she make time in her schedule to join us?  A 15-minute appearance to tell the people who were there to support her how much she appreciates it, and encourage them?

We’ve not seen a single one of these senators come out.

Wisconsin is a beautiful state!  Kenosha’s park and the one in Thiensville are gorgeous, as was the one in Hudson.  Even LaCrosse with the Mississippi River running beside it. And friendly people.  Problem is, there aren’t enough of them, and they’re not nearly as organized as the left. Most disheartening is that the senators being recalled aren’t there to support the rallies.

And what about the Members of Congress who are out on recess and who represent those districts — they’re not out there either, even though they were invited by the Tea Party Express.  Are they even in their home districts?  We sure could have used Paul Ryan in Kenosha… it’s disappointing.  They’re ceding ground to the enemy.  TPX invited all of them… where the hell are they??? Why aren’t they pulling together to support Gov. Scott Walker?  To support the people of their home state who are under siege by unionistas who are like the Mafia — always on the take?

TPX is the cavalry, and if we pull this off (with our ground team having been here for weeks helping to organize) it will be a miracle.  So pray for one, folks.

The eyes of the nation are on Wisconsin, because what happens here will be a bellwether for the 49 other states (56, if you believe Obama’s math).

What happens in Wisconsin won’t stay in Wisconsin.  The union’s power to own and control our government will continue, emboldened, unabated.

This is a personal call to all of you elected officials who are where you are because people entrusted YOU with their vote.  Join us!  Be at the rallies. Lend your time and support now, when it counts.

And remember this:

“Criticism is something you can avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, being nothing.” — Aristotle