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While we were talking to the 200 or so assembled on the lawn facing the Rhinelander band shell, Obama was on TV blaming the politics of Washington (translation:  The Tea Party).  The more he spoke, the more the Dow tanked.  Rush Limbaugh referred to him as “Debt Man Walking”.  We laughing out loud at that one!

Rhinelanders who joined us this day are concerned citizens, determined to do what they can to ensure that Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican Senate continue to exercise fiscal responsibility for Wisconsin.

Just before I left the bus to join the others on stage, I watched a spokesman for the Dems describe the tea party as a bunch of “rabid chihuahuas”.

So during my remarks to the crowd, I told them I was tempted to begin barking like a dog… and throwing caution to the wind, I let out with a few yelps.  LOL…

On a more serious note, I shared some of the results of the Rasmussen poll (posted earlier here at the Radio Patriot) and assured them that the Dems are afraid because their polling shows them gaining only two seats.  They need to win three recalls to control the Senate.

And now… a two and a half hour ride to our next and final rally in DePere. More details about today’s rally at ThirdWaveDave’s, including a very moving moment during the final act.

On the road again….