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From Politico:

What Badger State voters are reading this Sunday, now under 48 hours until polls open in six state Senate recall elections:

It’s all about Gov. Scott Walker and the vast majority of voters have already made up their minds, making this an exercise in base motivation. 

(ASK:  something we on the Tea Party Express have known all along, and why we are touring Wisconsin to shore up the base.)

Collective bargaining certainly “jump-started” the recall effort, but it’s now evolved into much more.  These candidates are tangling over education cuts, voter I.D. and corporate tax policy as well.

One GOP-er who is actively out campaigning for incumbents: Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner.

Nancy Nusbaum canceled a Monday debate appearance with Republican state Sen. Robert Cowles due to the death of her mother.

GOP state Sen. Luther Olsen hasn’t drawn a Democratic opponent in his entire 16-and-a-half years in office. Now he’s in a dead heat in this rural district which encompasses Portage and New London.