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Slideshow photos were taken in DePere, our ninth and final rally. Speakers included US Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI8), Joe Wierzbicki, Judson Phillips, Howard Kaloogian, Eric Odom, and radio show host Jerry Bader. Also seen in the photos are TPX team members.

The Washington Post reports that $25 million was pumped into the Badger State for the “Senate recall elections on Tuesday that could help shape the future of the national GOP agenda”.

Outside groups — led by national unions on the Democratic side and limited government groups such as the Wisconsin Club for Growth on the Republican side — have shoveled more than $25 million into the recall effort, with both sides spending about the same amount. The candidates, meanwhile, have raised more than $5 million.

The staggering dollar amounts being showered on the eight recall campaigns — which after a July 19 election and Tuesday’s six contests will conclude with two elections on Aug. 16 — are shattering state records. In 2010, when the 99-member assembly and half the 33-member state Senate was up for election, outside organizations spent $3.75 million in Wisconsin — 15 percent of this year’s total.

“The spending is so far off the charts. It does not compare to anything we’ve ever seen,” said Mike McCabe, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which tracks campaign spending in the state. “It is an indication of how much things have been stirred up here. Wisconsin has been put on a national stage and it is clear that some groups see these elections as something of a national referendum.”

The stakes could hardly be higher. Democrats and their allies in organized labor are hoping for a net gain of three seats, which would give them control of the state Senate, which, like the assembly, is controlled by Republicans.

Democrats salivated over a victory. They know it would give them momentum going into Obama’s 2012 reelection and at the same time, set the stage for a possible recall of Walker next year.

Walker has supported legislation cutting Medicaid, slashing state education aid, and requiring voters to show identification at the polls. He also has refused to raise taxes to close budget gaps, which has become a policy pillar for GOP lawmakers in Congress, as well as Republican governors and legislators in cash-strapped states including Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The Tea Party Express is launching a TV ad blitz against two Democrat Senators in Wisconsin who fled the state to try and deny Gov. Walker a vote on his budget repair legislation. They face recall in next Tuesday’s special election (Aug. 16).

They abdicated their duties to the taxpayers, and must be fired.

But the Tea Party Express need your help to purchase as many TV ads as possible.

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