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Beautiful Thiensville Village Park.  We rallied at many lovely areas like this throughout Wisconsin.

From The Cap Times, a self described “Progressive Voice” for Wisconsin:

Kim Simac, founder of the Northwoods Patriots, a tea party group, is challenging Jim Holperin in next Tuesday's recall election. (The Cap Times)

Wednesday morning, just hours after state Republicans learned they had retained control of the state Senate by defeating four of the six Democratic challengers in the state’s historic recall elections, a flurry of activity began in the two remaining Senate districts up for grabs on Tuesday, Aug. 16, the fourth and final recall election day.

The seats, held by Democratic incumbents Jim Holperin of Conover and Robert Wirch of Pleasant Prairie, are the last of the nine recall elections initiated by voters since the state and Senate became divided over Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to strip most collective bargaining rights from public workers.

Now, discontent over the fact that Holperin and Wirch joined their Democratic Senate colleagues in fleeing to Illinois in what turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt to block a vote on the collective bargaining bill may lead to a big first for tea party supporters in Wisconsin.

“It has been on our minds and in our plans for two years now to have someone from the tea party movement in the state Senate,” says Tim Dake, chair of Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty, a Tea Party Patriots organization. “If she wins, it is going to be huge.”

The tea party movement did win seats in the state Assembly last November. But gaining its first seat in the Senate would be a big step.

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