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Today’s Napa Valley Register announced the Tea Party Express’ next tour, set to begin Aug. 27th with a rally in Napa Valley.  The tour is expected to attract GOP presidential hopefuls who are looking to connect with the well-known tea party group as it rolls across the fruited plains of America from California to New England, down the eastern seaboard to Tampa, FL, culminating in the Tea Party Express/CNN Presidential Debate on Sept. 12.

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Tea Party presidential candidates Michele Bachmann (Minnesota) and Herman Cain (St. Louis and Eau Claire WI) previously made appearances with the TPX during its two 2010 tours. Unannounced candidate (as of this date, anyway) Sarah Palin also has appeared with the TPX at rally events in Searchlight and Reno NV, Wheeling WV, and Boston, MA.

The Napa Valley rally is expected to be huge, surpassing anything ever held in the area. One tea party organizer was reported to have said that attendance at the event could be measured in the tens of thousands.

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