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Amy Holmes, GBTV News Anchor

What a dream assignment! I would have loved to been offered a job like this with a start-up news organization that reflected my values. Especially with Glenn Beck.

Good luck Amy Holmes, and congratulations!

From Mediaite:

GBTV, media personality Glenn Beck’s live streaming video network, today announced former CNN analyst Amy Holmes is joining the team as a news anchor for The Blaze.

Holmes, who previously co-hosted Talk Radio Network’s America’s Radio News in addition to contributing conservative viewpoints at CNN, will anchor segments during Beck’s 5 to 7 p.m. news program and will provide additional updates throughout the day. The new show will debut next month, on September 12th, and will feature a wide variety of contributors rounding out Beck’s delivery of the day’s news and opinion. The show will be shot live every week day at midtown Manhattan’s NEP Studios.

In a statement released this morning, Holmes says she is looking forward to her new role at The Blaze:

Being a part of the launch of a major new venture is thrilling — especially one powered by the tremendous energy, creativity, and positive entrepreneurial spirit of Glenn Beck. The Blaze has assembled an impressive team of experienced editors and journalists who I look forward to working alongside to deliver thoughtful and compelling news coverage everyday on GBTV.


Erick Stakelbeck, CBN News Terrorism Analyst, will contribute reports and analysis to GBTV.

I’m gearing up to head to Israel next week to take part in GBTV’s coverage of Glenn’s big Restoring Courage event in Jerusalem, which you can watch on GBTV.com. Look for me on GBTV launch week in September as well, discussing the same topics I hit on a daily basis at CBN and in my book, The Terrorist Next Door: the rising global jihad, the Islamist enemy within here in America, threats against Israel, the broader Middle East and much more. Or as Glenn has told me, “I want you to cover evil.” As usual, he has a way of getting to the heart of the matter.

No one has done more than Glenn Beck to call attention to those topics and be a “Watchman on the Wall” for our nation. I’m honored to join with him and an impressive roster of talent that GBTV is assembling in these perilous times for our country and the world, while, of course, continuing to bring you “the goods” on CBN every day. Stay tuned!