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Tomorrow (Sunday) the first of several LIVE events from Israel will begin. Watch them on GBTV. Dave will have updates on them from his perspective.


Big Dave from Dallas has arrived in Israel for the Glenn Beck “Restoring Courage” event.  He’s on the ground, and for today and maybe longer, this post will stick to the top.  If you’re not signed on to GBTV yet, here’s the link.  $5 a month/ $50 a year.

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Aug. 21 – 12:20 a.m. – Large model of Old City

from the Second Temple era, around the time of Jesus… at the Israel museum…

Aug. 21 – 12:10 a.m. -Jordan Valley

FYI gang, Debbie might recognize the voice on this video…  his name is Joe, and he and his wife Mary (yes, Mary and Joseph 🙂 are close friends of hers..  whom I met by chance and have laughed with for three days on this bus.  🙂

Mary, btw, is the woman who first discovered the flee-bagging Wisconsin democrat senators across the border in Illinois..  she found ’em, and started the HUNT FOR THE FLEEBAGGERS as they ran from her publicity and ended up next door to the Tilted Kilt.  An awesome moment in self-made media…  she’s a stick of dynamite and her fuse is lit.  Joe is huge, a triathlon competitor type, and a very very funny guy.  I have met some wonderful folks on this trip and the best is yet to come.  Beck event tonight, Caesarea, in the ancient stadium of Herod’s port city built to impress visiting Romans.

Aug. 20 – 11:58 p.m. – Bethlehem out the bus window

West Bank economy is much worse than Israel, of course..  perhaps one reason could be that they DO NOT PERMIT ISRAELI CITIZENS TO GO there…  so, people with money stay away, and presto, lousy economy.  This ain’t rocket science.

Aug. 20 – 2:58 p.m.- Our Good Fortune
When the shepherd boy brought his newfound scroll back to town, he took it to a Jordanian shoemaker, hoping the leather wasn’t too old to use. The shoemaker recognized the ancient Aramaic. And the grandson of that shoemaker is the best friend of the man who has served as our guide from day one. Lots of inside info for us, for that and many reasons.

Aug. 20 – 2:54 p.m.- Big Dave on Big Hill
Climbed hundreds of steps to get up here… View, worth it! Beit She’an, the House of thr Important Ones in Hebrew and Arabic.

Aug. 20 – 2:52 p.m. – The beit she’an baths
They laid large stone tile with the four corners on these short pillars, then directed heat from an outside furnace into the floor and walls. Top notch sauna, circa 100 AD.

Aug. 20 – 2:50 p.m. – Beit She’an from above
I climbed a 300 foot hill, the location of the first fortress and temple here, to shoot the scene. Amphitheater, colonnaded main street with shops on both sides. And huge temple pillars in foreground, as they fell more than 1250 years ago.

Aug. 20 – 2:47 p.m. – Beit She’an
Earthquake damage from 749 AD, pillars lying as they fell.

Aug. 20 – 2:46 p.m. – Essene structure and caves
Center and left, the two main caves that held the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Aug. 20 – 2:42 p.m. – Dead Sea desolation
Across the water, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan… This is biblical Judean wilderness.

Aug. 20 – 2:41 p.m. – The first scroll cave….
The one that started it all.. A boy threw in a rock to frighten out his lost sheep, and heard pottery shatter instead.

Aug. 20 – 2:39 p.m. – Salt as a gel…
Its not granular at a certain point… More like an oil or gel, congealing almost as soon as it hits he air.  Hard to shower enough, after that.  Felt oily all through the next day.

Aug. 20 – 2:37 p.m. – Dead Sea Adventure.
There is 3 feet of water under me, bt it looks like I’m laying on the bottom. The saying is true… You can float on your back and keep your newspaper dry while you read it.  Seven times saltier than the oceans.  Dense water equals buoyant people.

Aug. 20 – 2:34 p.m. – IDF Encounter
While swimming in the Dead Sea we became aware that these boys had materialized out of the desert, in for a cool drink and a chat with tourists.  They were very kind to their respectful supporters in our party, and at length they tramped back into the Judean wilderness to continue their southern desert patrol.

More videos and commentary here.