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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
Thursday, 25 August 2011

We are witnessing in Tripoli today what it takes to get rid of a brutal dictatorship determined to keep power at all costs, and how the dictator’s thugs will continue to desperately fight on as they face inevitable doom. We will witness the same struggle here in the US in 2012.

The Demagogue Party and its moocher minions will put up a ferocious struggle to maintain their power and paychecks – and they will lose as surely as has Muamar Gadaffi.  For they fight with lies, deceit, and thuggery, while we have unstoppable technology and no-longer-deniable truth.

The key to it all is energy.

Remember the bitter protest cry of the left – “No blood for oil!” – denouncing Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003?  Yet there’s hardly a better reason for blood than oil, the world economy’s lifeblood.  The lefties might as well yell, “No blood for food!”, for without refined oil, how would trucks deliver food to the lefties’ grocery stores?

Thus the war in Libya is all about oil.  This is freely, if only privately, acknowledged by anyone you talk to at NATO.   And it’s all about natural gas – which is why the war is really being run not by NATO, but the royal family of Qatar.

Libyan oil is prized for being “light sweet” (low density/low sulfur) and having a very low extraction cost (about $1 a barrel).  Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa and the 9th largest in the world at 42 billion barrels, and that with much of the country unexplored. It is a prime example of the disaster of  dictators overthrowing royal families in the Middle East.

Libya under King Idris was producing 3.5mbd (million barrels a day) when Gaddafi’s Soviet-backed coup overthrew him in 1969.  It’s been stuck way under 2mbd ever since, with production collapsing since the onset of the civil war last February.

It’s the same story as Iran, which under the Shah produced over 6mbd, then fell to under 2mbd with the ayatollahs, and in the last few years has managed to get it only up to 4mbd.

The Qataris saw their opportunity with Libya when the Arab Spring revolt broke out last February, and spearheaded an alliance between them, the UAE, and Jordan – dynamic Arab countries breaking free of Egyptian and Saudi dominance in the Arab world – and NATO for the purpose of getting rid of the Gaddafi regime.

Qatar is a 4,400 square mile (smaller than Connecticut) peninsula of Arabia sticking like a thumb into the Persian Gulf.  The Brits set it up as a protectorate in 1878, perpetuating the rule of the Al Thani merchant family, whose entrepreneurial sheikhs had run the place since 1825.  Qatar gained full independence in 1971 and continues to be ruled by the Al Thani royal family.

Qataris now possess the most prosperous per capita economy in the world and the world’s highest GDP at close to 20% — thanks to its gigantic reserves of natural gas, plus a pro-entrepreneurial economy with no income tax.  Sunni Islam is their state religion but they are not Wahhabis.  Women, for example, have more freedom than in most other Arab countries.  Christians can worship in their churches.

The Al Thanis spent a billion dollars building the Al Udeid Air Base with facilities for British and French militaries, and is the forward headquarters of the US Military Central Command (USCENTCOM).  They also own the Al Jazeera satellite television network, headquartered in Doha, Qatar’s capital.

Qatar’s ruler, Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, leveraged all this to develop a strong relationship with Britain’s PM David Cameron and France’s Nikolaus Sarkozy who then led the NATO Libya campaign and pressured Zero to “lead it from behind.”

At the same time, the Emir financed the formation of the National Transitional Council as an opposition government in Benghazi, which Al Jazeera promoted to the world as the “only legitimate body representing the people of Libya and the Libyan state.”

The goal has nothing to do with Islam.  It has to do with oil, gas, and power politics.  Regime change in Libya resulting in a normal country reliably producing 3 to 4mbd of cheaply extracted light sweet crude right across the Med from Western Europe is in Europe’s big time interests.  Then there’s the gas.

Libya has enormous reserves of natural gas which are not exploited at all.  Whatever gas comes out as a by-product of oil drilling is flared off.  Supplying it to Europe would dramatically reduce its dependency on, and subjection to, Russian gas extortion.

Since the days of outright Western colonization are long gone, the Europeans need a proxy and partner.  Enter Qatar, which just isn’t Moslem and Arab and extremely rich, it is also, via Qatargas the largest LNG (liquefied natural gas) producer in the world.

Developing Libya’s nascent natural gas industry and building LNG terminals (much cheaper/quicker than under-the-Med pipelines) would vastly expand Qatar’s markets and influence.  It’s a win for everybody except the Russians.

That’s the geopolitical play in Libya – and as a side note, the Qataris with Cameron’s and Sarkozy’s full cooperation are determined to squash any Iqwan (Moslem Brotherhood)-Al Qaeda nonsense.

As we saw in Islam in Libya from last March (which also includes a nutshell history of Libya from ancient times to today), Libyans traditionally practice a variant of Sufism called Senussi Islam based on ijtihad – independent reasoning – rather than taqlid – mindless imitation, i.e., robotic ceremonial sharia Islam.

There are going to be a lot of opportunities in a free, post Gaddafi Libya.  As soon as the dust settles, I will be taking a group of TTPers to investigate them.  I’ll keep you posted on this.

Meantime, you may be asking by now, what’s this got to do with defeating the Demagogues in 2012?

Again, it’s all about energy.  Let’s start with these two news items.

First, the USGS is reporting (8/24) that the Marcellus Shale contains not 2tcf (trillion cubic feet) of recoverable natural gas as it thought in its last assessment, but 84tcf.  Yet another example of how fracking technology is making ever more vast increases in our energy supply.

Second, NASA is reporting (8/23) that global sea levels dropped 6mm (about a quarter-inch) in 2010.  Of course, Hansen’s warmists pretend it’s a “pothole” on the road to ever-higher seas caused by us.  Yet warmism suffers one more blow with the report.

For as long as most of us can remember, the center of the energy universe has been the Middle East.  Before then, before we became grovelingly dependent on “foreign oil,” we were that center.  We are going to be again.

The oil and gas reserves in North America – the US & Canada – now dwarf that of the Middle East, thanks to new extraction technologies such as fracking.  The days of our foreign oil dependence are rapidly coming to an end.  Within a few years, the US is going to be a major energy exporter (crude/LNG), not an importer, and we can tell OPEC and the Saudis to jump in a sand dune.

It is and will continue to be a monumental struggle to achieve this.  Look at the frackers as the Free Libya rebels struggling to liberate their land from the oppression of wackos.

Belief in the religion of Warmism – that man-made CO2 is such a threat to life on earth that government control over every aspect of our lives is justified to prevent it – is just as nutty socialist wacko as anything promulgated by Muamar Gaddafi.  And its chief advocate in America is the current President of the United States.

Gaddafi was kept in power by well-paid mercenaries, who are continuing to fight to the death for him as I’m writing this and the rebels close in on them.

Zero uses well-paid mercenaries to prop the Warmist Fraud up – crony capitalists with “renewable energy” government subsidies, scientists with government grants, and luddite enviros with lefty “non-profit” foundation paychecks.

They will all fight to the death to keep their fraud live – but the frackers are closing in.  Fracker technology is too overwhelming for it to be shut down, the lies and deceit of the Warmists too blatant.

The Warmists’ Last Stand will be the Battle of 2012.  What will insure their defeat is a Republican nominee from an oil & gas state who understands the warmist fraud and has the courage to denounce it as such.  That means either Palin or Perry.

Let’s be clear about the stakes.  The defeat of the left’s global warming hoax is the single most important issue of our day – for if it is defeated, our economy will blossom with prosperity made possible by abundant cheap energy and far less government intrusion, while the Marxist-Fascist Demagogue Left will lose its primary rationale for power and will take years to recover.

The rebels are on the verge of liberating Libya from the clutches of a despotic regime.  The frackers, together with the Tea Parties and a presidential nominee who understands the battle, can do the same for America.  We need the energy of Libya in the USA.