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Kylie Kremer

Kylie has been our point gal for keeping the Twitter-sphere up to date on the activities and travels of the Tea Party Express.  Using an iPad, Kylie is able to post tweets on the Tea Party Express Twitter site in real time as the rallies unfold, giving readers a running commentary of what’s happening on stage and during our travels.  Kylie is the talented daughter of TPX Chairman Amy Kremer, and she keeps her mom company on the road, helping out wherever she can.

Everyone loves Kylie.  She’s cheerful, happy to help, and a joy to have with us. (She calls me her “fairy godmother” because I remind her of Cinderella’s beneficent fairy with magical powers.)

Kylie’s recent Tweets.


The Daily Beast is reporting that Rick Perry Is A Tea Party Favorite

Texas Governor Rick Perry is the favorite presidential candidate of people who support the Tea Party, according to Gallup’s latest poll. Perry is preferred by 35 percent of people who support the Tea Party, while Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann are tied for second each with 14 percent. Perry is moving to shore up support with the right wing of the Republican Party too. After rankling some conservative feathers earlier this year by suggesting that gay marriage should be up to the states, Perry signed the National Organization for Marriage’s anti-gay marriage pledge, which says candidates will support a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman; defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court; reject federal judges who support gay marriage; and protect the “religious liberty” of gay-marriage opponents.

Funny thing about that – we’re not hearing that at all on the trail.  I’ll do an informal poll tomorrow among the crowd and report back my “findings”.

On Saturday morning as I was bringing my gear to the bus, I spoke with a gentleman who also had stayed at the hotel and was wondering about the Tea Party.  He told me he was concerned that the tea party movement might split the Republican party, leading to an Obama re-election.

I suggested he look at it from a different perspective: it’s not the “tea party”. It’s “we the people”.  And it’s what the people want that’s important, not the establishment ruling elite.  And if the republican party is split, it will be because the GOP cocktail party establishment in DC wants to maintain their hold on the status quo — i.e. their power — rather than do what “we the people” want: fiscal responsibility, limited government, and faithfulness to the Constitution.

I don’t know if I convinced him, but it gave him something to think about.  And in the “it’s a small world after all” department, this gentleman who stayed at a Napa hotel was a resident of Florida.  Vero Beach to be exact, just an hour’s drive south of my home.  Yep… you can travel all the way to the West Coast, and bump into folks who live in your own backyard.

More to come tomorrow from Elko NV and Salt Lake City!

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