Our tour kicked off in Napa at the Fairgrounds where an assemblage of red, white, and blue patriots gathered on lawn chairs and blankets to spend some time with us under blue skies and California sunshine.

Yeah, the protesters were there.  Loud, cacophanous, and exercising their First Amendment right to freedom of speech.  But they were kept behind a chain link and barbed wire fence, penned in as it were.  Appropriate.  The police were standing by at the ready in case anything got out of hand, but that fence kept everything and everyone in their place.  Something to be said for fences… they make good borders.  (Hear that, Big Sis?  Good borders???)

Our TPX team member Tabitha Hale of Freedom Works got some good pics of the nattering nabobs of negativism, daring to venture into “enemy” territory beyond the perimeter. View them here.  And here.

Sal Russo was pretty handy with his camera.  You can view his pix of the rally here.

And here are mine. I’ll have more to tell you later.

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