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Ron Paul, presidential candidate

As we move into the battleground states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida, several presidential candidates will be joining the Tea party Express as we wind our way across the country on our “Reclaiming America Presidential Tour”.

Michele Bachmann will join us in Des Moines, Iowa tomorrow (Wednesday, Aug. 31st) at the State Capitol for a 5 pm rally.

Other presidential candidates scheduled to join us at various stops along the way to our final destination in Tampa: Thaddeus McCotter, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson.  More names will be announced as details and arrangements are finalized.

The Tea Party Express would be delighted to include presidential candidate Ron Paul, who has been invited several times over the past three weeks. According to TPX Chairman Amy Kremer, “He has an open invitation, and we look forward to having him join us.”


Eric Odom has posted about the real story behind the Tea Party Movement.

Is the Movement a Conspiracy?
Fellow Patriots,

Andrew Breitbart’s “BigJournalism.com” today published a column blasting two media hacks responsible for years of inaccurate narrative on the tea party movement. The column explains how two columnists completely fabricated a story about the movement, claiming it was all a fake-grassroots PR campaign.

Today we published a post that looks at the timeline of the movement and counters the original hit piece. You can read it all and leave comments here!

It’s important to understand how/where the “astro-turf” narrative came from in order to properly counter it with accurate information. Make sure you read the post and understand how it all really got started.