TPX V team member Eric Odom of Grassfire has written an interesting post about the genesis of the tea party movement.  Here to get you started is…

The Tea Party Conspirators and the REAL Story Behind the Tea Party Movement

The “modern” tea party movement is about two and a half years old now. Many who recently became tea party activists are unfamiliar with how it all got started. A big segment of America only views the mainstream media’s version of how it all went down.

This is a topic close to us here at LibertyNews.com. On a more personal level, as a blogger this topic hits home because I was there on day one of the modern movement and I’ve watched the movement unfold every day since.

Before we get to the “Tea Party Conspirators,” let’s go back a bit and look at what really happened. The following is a rough timeline of the 2009 events as they unfolded.

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