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Note to Washerwoman Schultz:  Your days are numbered too.

Comedian Jimmy LaBriola, Andrea Shea King, singer Diana Nagy, & Amy Kremer, Chairwoman, Tea Party Express at CNN/Tea Party Express Presidential Debate, Tampa FL

From Amy Kremer, chairwoman, Tea Party Express

Dear Friends,

Today we at Tea Party Express are ecstatic as good news for conservatives keeps rolling in!

First, thanks to your effort and contributions, we helped bring victory to conservative Bob Turner – a political newcomer who has run a successful business and came under attack for supporting tea party values. Even more impressive is the fact that Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-1 in this district, which has been held by Democrats since 1923!  This win is a referendum on President Obama’s terrible policies and a huge victory for the tea party!

Next, conservatives in Nevada’s special election last night fended off a challenge from Democrat Kate Marshall and elected Mark Amodei, who supports a balanced budget amendment and signed an anti-tax pledge.

But we are probably most excited about Monday night’s Tea Party Presidential Debate, co-hosted by CNN and Tea Party Express, along with 150 other tea party groups from every state in the nation. This was a very important milestone in the tea party movement, as conservatives gathered in Tampa and at watch parties all around the country to see the candidates debate the issues most important to tea partiers: fiscal responsibility and the encroachment of Big Government into the private lives of citizens.  The debate was broadcast live around the world, including US Military bases. This is incredible because it shows the media is fully aware of the power and influence of the tea party. It’s up to us to choose the next President of the United States!

We want to say a huge Thank You to the hundreds of tea party members and organizations around the country that made this possible. It was a great achievement for our movement and we should all be proud of how far we’ve come!

While some keep saying the tea party is going away, the reality is that we are stronger and more relevant than ever. We’re winning elections no one thought possible, and we’re dominating the airwaves. Candidates who want our support know they must first be a champion of our values.

Looking back at how far we’ve come in the last two years makes us even more excited and positive about the future. We’ll continue to fight for liberty and freedom, and keep steering this great nation towards the unrivaled success the founding fathers envisioned. Thank you all for helping make this possible!

If you’d like to contribute to our efforts, please feel free to donate as little as $5 all the way up to the maximum allowed $5,000. Your support helps victories for the tea party keep rolling in.



Tea Party Express, www.TeaPartyExpress.org, considered one of the most aggressive and influential tea party groups, congratulates Republican Bob Turner on winning the NY-9 special election yesterday.  The Tea Party Express contributed to this victory by making the maximum allowable contribution, as well as making thousands of GOTV calls into the district.

Today Tea Party Express Chief Strategist Sal Russo said:

“As a candidate, Bob Turner was attacked for being supportive of tea party values such as fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets.  In turn, his opponents chose to attack him for what they called “radical” beliefs.  Turner’s liberal opponent Weprin said, “I’m very scared of his deep Tea Party philosophy,” and falsely accused Turner of wishing to end Social Security and Medicare.

“Turner’s resounding victory in a district favoring Democrats 3:1 is a bold confirmation that tea party values exist everywhere, even in supposed liberal strongholds.

Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike can look objectively at President Obama’s failed policies and see that empty speeches backed up by wasteful spending and more government bailouts only result in a stagnant economy, high unemployment, and falling consumer confidence.

“Republican Bob Turner’s victory is a repudiation of Democrats who seek to use the tea party name as a pejorative, and a confirmation that the vast majority of Americans believe in the core conservative principles of fiscal responsibility.

“Attacks on the tea party have fallen flat in New York City as well as nationwide, proving that everyday Americans are sick and tired of Washington’s failure to moderate wasteful spending and help grow the economy.”