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Florida Rep. Debbie “Washerwoman” Schultz, the Medusa-headed brain pilot who took over where Howard Dean left off in terms of flapping lips and foghorn utterances said:

…that in Monday night’s GOP presidential debate she saw “Republican candidates for president worshipping at the altar of the Tea Party.”

This snake-haired, frog-eyed broad doesn’t even come close.  Let me school “She of the thick-thighs” Obama acolyte.  Here’s the deal, Washerwoman Schultz:

Republican candidates realize that if they don’t share the values of the greatest political movement in modern history, they don’t stand a chance of being elected — especially in the state you presume to represent.  Unless of course, these candidates still subscribe to the notion that the GOP cocktail party establishment crowd will get them elected. News flash! Those days are over.  Passe.  Fini.  Histoire…

See, Miss Florida Flapping Jaw, you’re wrong.  They’re not worshipping at the altar of the Tea Party (a ridiculous and desperate statement). The electable ones are coming from within the ranks of the Tea Party movement.

Get a clue.  And a new hairdo.  Your wiggly snake locks are as passe as your “president”.

Afterthought: What is Washerwoman Schultz is getting for flapping her lips on behalf of the worst “president” this country has ever elected?  Money? Protection? Promises?

Or is she a Fellow Traveler, happy to carry the coat of the Marxist who is deliberately destroying our economy, our military, and our country?

Whatever it is that motivates this despicable woman, it’s as foul as her master.