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Gary Wilmott reports from Beverly Hills CA

GOP State Convention

Pat Boone made it very clear that eligibility is an issue that every American deserves to have answers to. He introduced Orly at the end. She was very well received and was swarmed by people. We will be posting pictures tonight. She was happy that she went. Privately Boone told Orly that if he had known that she was interested in attending he would have had her as a scheduled speaker. She only found out about it when I called her Saturday night when she was driving back to Orange County from the CA state Republican Convention.

I handed out approx. 500 flyers (about 1/2 were a variety of various Kerchner ads). I estimate about 700 people there.

The group I was with went out to eat after the event. We had occasion to walk by the park at dusk after everyone had left. The park was immaculate. I didn’t see one single scrap of garbage or paper. Somebody had left a metallic patriotic balloon tied to a tree. That was it.

More later.


Pat Boone introduced me to the Beverly Hills Tea Party as a special guest and the most courageous woman

Wow! What a weekend. Between Dennis and Sue Prager telling me, that they admire me and Pat Boone introducing me to the Beverly Hills tea party as the most courageous woman, I am in seventh heaven, I feel we are really making progress, the genie is out of the box. The latest evidence of Obama using Connecticut Social security number in his tax returns and selective service, while e-verify and SSVS, attesting that this number was never assigned to him, is really creating a strong buzz, a total outrage and I believe will ultimately lead to prosecution of ObamaForgerygate and ObamaFraudgate.

Yesterday I was on the road for 6 hours. We live over an hour and a half from the convention venue in LA and we drove twice yesterday. Today I was tired and my husband told me, that it might not be worth it for me to drive to LA yet again and I wouldn’t get anywhere close to Pat Boone and would not be able to give him any of my pleadings and documents. To my amazement, he knew who I was and after the tea party he told me, that he reads my press releases regularly. Apparently one of you has been forwarding my press releases to him. I also got to talk to Congressman McClintock, who knew who I was and later I sat next to the presidential candidate Congressman McCotter and I gave my papers to him.Tthere were 6 TV cameras, I gave a number of interviews and the videos should be available shortly.

Special thanks to Nicole Erickson, Gary Wilmott, Tony Dolz, George Miller and many others, who are helping along the way.

This party was amazing, as it was held in the Beverly Hills, the bastion of the Democrat party, there were a lot of tea party members there, the cars were honking and people were cheering. Among the presenters was an African -American comedian Sofie Schultz, Jewish Harvard educated attorney and talk show host Ben Shapiro, African American minister Reverend Berriman, Gay republican leader, Congressmen McClintock and McCotter, creator of Pajama media, metropolitan opera singer, who sang together with Pat Boone. It was an amazing party, as it was at the heart of Obama’s stronghold and among Obama’s main constituency.

We are gaining steam thanks to all of you.