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This poor woman is conflicted.  Kinda like the old classic song that goes “First you say you do… and then you don’t… and then you say you will, and then you won’t…”

In all fairness though, Fuzzy Logic actually paints a fairly objective picture of Glenn Beck’s new GBTV network.  An excerpt from Fuzzy’s review:

But–and you knew there’d be a “but,” right?–Beck does have something.  I hate the crying jags, don’t believe them, totally distrust them.  But he’s been right about a lot of things (not the least of which is his insistence that there’d be riots in Europe and Arab Spring-like uprisings in the Middle East; both of which earned him a great deal of scorn and derision . . . but he was right, it happened, it’s happening), and he’s saying things that no one else will say.  He covers not only America’s lost history but the current admin; he points out how radicals and commies are in the WH; he urges viewers to do their own research (I’m a huge fan of that).  He was the one who broke the Van Jones story; without him, we’d not know about Spooky Dude at all (despite it being a main part of David Horowitz’s very important Discover the Networks.).  What Beck’s said has gotten under the skin of the WH and of Spooky Dude, so much so that they’ve actively sought to destroy him, discredit, and silence him (Alinsky anyone?).  That tells me that Beck’s on to something, that what he’s saying must hit a nerve.  And we all know that nerves that don’t exist can’t be hit.

Fuzzy Logic’s piece is lengthy and detailed and it’s definitely worth a click over to see what she’s got.  Here’s the click.