A quick take on today’s Glenn Beck radio program, which was as compelling as they get.

During his radio show this morning, Glenn Beck talked about Chris Christie’s appearance last night at the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, and said he was fed up with Christie’s game playing about running for president. That Christie ‘gets it’, and isn’t afraid to say it. (See transcript of Christie’s speech).

“He says he is not running for president.” Beck says.  But he’s doubtful, says he believes that Christie is playing games. Beck wants a real answer why Christie won’t run.

Paraphrasing Beck:

The country is ‘this far’ from falling into the abyss.  The bigger urgency is saving our country from those who are working to destroy it.  Christie might not have a state left to deal with.

“So what’s the real reason, Chris Christie?  Is there a skeleton in your closet?  Is there something you don’t want to come out?  Level with us.  The reason you’re giving – that you have a job to do in your state?  Well, you might not have a state to worry about soon. Tell us the real reason you won’t run.”

A woman at the Reagan Library last night issued a heartfelt plea, begging Christie to run for president.

“I know NJ needs you but we can’t wait another four years to 2016 and I really implore you as a citizen of this country to please sir, reconsider.  Do it for my daughter, our grandchildren. Your country needs you to run for president.”

Beck played a clip of Christie’s answer.

“There are a lot of people who have asked me over the course of last weeks and months… I hear exactly what you’re saying and the passion with which you say it and it touches me.  I’m just a kid from jersey who feels like the luckiest kid in the world to be the governor of New Jersey.

“This is not an excuse”, Beck says. “Here’s where it gets to be an actual real answer.”

“…so people say to me all the time now, when people like you say what you said… it isn’t a burden, fact of the matter is that anyone who has an ego large enought to say ‘please stop asking me to be the leader of the free world’ …what kind of crazy egomanaiac would you have to be to say ‘please stop!’ ..I know without ever having met President Reagan that he must have felt deeply in his heart that he was called to lead our country.  I take it in and am listening to every word of it too.” 

Beck:  He said he didn’t feel called.  That is an extraordinary thing.  And that is the only answer I will accept. 

( Question and answer comes at 11:25 )


God’s not neutral in the affairs of man or on freedom.  We as a country, as a people have made a lot of problems. Go to The Blaze for a story about evangelical Christians and the youth and their sexual habits — almost no diff between them and atheists.  if our faith doesn’t produce different fruits, why are you doing it? Why call yourself a christian if it doesn’t change you?  stop the lie.

There are things that are going to happen to us because of our own life choices… and I hope its not too late before we say “I get it”. I pray we’re not there.

Because God is not neutral in the affairs of man, he is moving people. If it comes with peace and comfort and love, it is from Him. No matter how much you don’t understand it.

If he (Christie) doesn’t feel called now, it means there’s something else he’s supposed to do, and it is important.  We’re all supposed to do a task.

Beck then said the next president is going to be faced with the same challenges that Lincoln was.  The exact same challenges, and he has told this to all the presidential candidates he’s talked to.

“Convince me you are not more of the same,” he’s told them.  “I’m not convinced I’ve seen that person yet.  Maybe Lincoln wasn’t seen that way at the beginning too.

Christie is a terrific speaker who actually does what he says.”


More Beck:

An AFL-CIO rep, an “African’ American, was caught on tape introducing and crediting Rep. Cynthia McKinney for giving us Obama, he added her to his list of heroes, noting that one of its heroes is Che Guevara, a murderer. The Che lie is one of the biggest lies and our kids in college are being indoctrinated with this.  We are losing them. I can’t argue with a professor I never had who has loaded your kids heads with Marxist thoughts. We’re paying for our own children’s indoctrination.

“I am becoming so anti-university.  The cost has gone up 500% in the same time period health care went up 390%.  they’re enslaving our families and children to debt. They’re chasing out any opposing view.  That makes bigots. What we have to do to help the next generation, so enslaved by debt, is to start apprentice programs. And there are all kinds of government regulations against them, and that should tell you something.

We need people in every single business and opportunity who want to be apprenticed.

Definition for most college professors — LOSERS.  Would never be able to survive in the real world.  Tenure means they don’t have to compete. They can terrorize their students. In college they will convince you they control the rest of your life.  Grades.

These guys are jerks. We’re gonna try to help you with your students and those arguments. Stay with us.  Help us help.

“Trouble is on the way. Cops, firemen, I beg you, your leadership is corrupt.  They’re involved in this. There are police unions that came out in solidarity with the unions in Wisconsin. Same groups coming together that target cops. They’re setting you up and your own union leadership is helping them do it.”

Beck called out the media, singling out the “right” media including Fox News for not telling us the truth.  And he’s calling out the presidential candidates for the same thing.

He said Obama is in serious trouble, boxed in, in danger from the Left who are now saying he’s not Marxist enough. He played clips from last weekend’s demonstration on Wall Street in NYC, and remarks by Frances Fox Piven at a recent conference.  He said to pray for the Secret Service and the First Family.  Repeated again that they are in danger.

He predicted that by next summer our cities will be on fire with riots, that it is beginning already with this incendiary and seditionist language being spewed by Cornell West and other professors like him throughout our college campuses.

Frances Fox Piven (Beck Vindicated: After Months of Mocking Beck for Attacking Sweet Old Frances Fox Piven Top Leaders of the Left Freely Admit Glenn Was Totally Right About Piven’s Influence)

And if you’ve made it this far, sidekick Pat Gray dropped this stunner during the show:

Members of Congress can trade on insider info about legislation and regulations they know are coming, and not be held for criminal charges.  That’s one of the ways our elected representatives get wealthy while in Congress. You and I can’t do it.  We’d be hauled off to federal prison for participating and profiting from Insider Trading.  But Congress?  They’ve absolved themselves of that inconvenient problem.