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Glenn Beck says he’s going to write a book someday about what it was like to try to inform Americans about the dangers around us while he was working within the constraints imposed on him at CNN and FOX News.

While playing a clip of Princeton professor Cornel West fomenting revolution on the streets of New York City over the weekend, Glenn said:

“I want you to ask yourself two questions:  Is this not sedition?  Remember, the Tea Party had to be shut down because they had lawn chairs and they were saying small government. And they were holding signs, remember?  Brandishing placards. They came this close to suggesting there was an anti-sedition law against the people in the tea party. That these people are dangerous and their voices need to be silenced. …Listen to Cornel West and ask ‘Is this sedition’? He’s openly calling for revolution. Not in the classroom, on the streets in Manhattan.

I also want you to ask this question: There is only one news source out there that has covered this. There is one. The others, they’re all covering it — CNN, MSNBC, they’re glorifying it. The others will just cover it, h, there’s protests going on on Wall Street.  No one is bringing their cameras down unless you’re on the extreme left and you’re praising it… and showing what’s happening with Cornel West and then putting it into perspective.  There’s not one national news outlet. Not one that is doing it besides The Blaze and GBTV. And this broadcast. Help me out on that, gang. Help me out.

He then addressed what I presumed to be FOX News and the so-called Right media.

“You wanna talk about presidential politics, you talk about presidential politics all you want.”

You ask yourself, ‘Is this sedition’. And two: ‘Where is the press?’ And I mean the press on the Right. Where are they?

Pat jumped in.

“Where is the press? And not only the press, where is the president of the United States who is so concerned about these ‘tea-baggers’, where is Nancy Pelosi who is so concerned about this violent rhetoric?”

Glenn continued.

“Where is Congress? Where are the Republican candidates? Where are Ron Paul supporters?

“I have been ridiculed for years. You don’t know, and I WILL write a book someday, this one I might give out for free.  You don’t know what it is like to try to bring you this message in the mainstream media. You have no concept.  You think you might, but you have no concept how difficult it is to tell the truth in the mainstream media!

There’s a reason I got out. I left CNN and I left FOX to do it myself. There’s a reason.

We’ve been ridiculed for years. And the way we’ve been ridiculed on this particular topic is ‘These are professors. They’re not calling for revolution. They’re not trying to sow the seeds of discontent.’

When I said that Cloward and Piven and Frances Fox Piven and people like Cornel West are doing nothing but trying to recreate ’68, all they’re trying to do is get the Watts riots back into the streets, they’re trying to push people into poverty, and then blame it on the system — and the system, oh the system deserves a lot of blame. That you’re being used. Every step of the way they’ve said ‘oh they’re nothing to pay attention to…’

I’m telling you, here’s the direction.  I could be wrong in the timing, but I’m telling you this time next summer, our cities will be on fire… I believe this president is like an abusive spouse: if I can’t have you, no one will. If it’s not this president, it is his handlers, it’s the people who are really calling the shots.

Now let me play the devil’s advocate here … and tell you the impossible situation the president is now in. I’ve said this from the very beginning, before he was even a candidate: the president will be in trouble. If he’s not everything he says he is, he’s in trouble.

Well, he’s been double speaking out of both sides of his mouth. I mean, he’s not who he said he is with us. He’s not a hope and change, a moderate right down the middle. The guy’s a Marxist. On the other side, he’s not Marxist enough! He’s in trouble with the Left.

Frances Fox Piven gave a speech, it’s up on The Blaze, and she says the oligarchs, the giant corporations have gone in and gotten into bed with our government and — this is her quote — ‘maybe the president as well. We don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see.’

So now they’re sowing the seeds of ‘This president sold you out.’  Well, when you’re calling for a revolution, and you are selling out the president of the United States, what do you think the end result of that is?

That’s why I’ve said anyone who is running for president — this one included — anyone who wants to run for president – and I have said this to every single candidate I have met, privately I have said to each of them, ‘you understand that you may be Abraham Lincoln in every possible way.’

You don’t want to be president of the United States. You don’t want to be president of the United States as Barack Obama. ..as Rick Perry. …as Hillary Clinton. There is no way — they have created a situation where there is no way for anyone to win.

We must push in the other direction. And I don’t mean with force. I mean, I’m telling you, Ephesians, put on the entire armor of God. And make sure you shod your feet with peace. That means that your feet take you in the other direction. America will only be great when America is good.

America is teetering on the edge of darkness…