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The establishment GOP is twisting itself into pretzels at the thought of someone NOT their choice gaining momentum!

From today’s Rush Limbaugh show:

The Republican establishment is northeastern Republican conservatives.  They’re right on the fiscal side of things most of the time, but they don’t want any part of the social issues.  They can’t stand it being part of the party platform.  They don’t want to talk about it.  They have no desire to be part of that discussion.  They think it’s going to lose elections, all that kind of stuff, plus they do tend to believe Washington is the center of the universe.  Republicans win elections.  They’re in charge of the money.  They like that.  They tend to believe that an energetic, powerful executive wielding financial powers, spending money for the national good with conservative instincts is a good thing.  So if government grows under that rubric, then it’s fine. 

We, of course, as conservatives, don’t see things that way, and there is the divide.

Here’s a cute poem about Herman Cain written by Emily Barsch, a Floridian Tea Party member.

Andrea Shea King and Herman Cain aboard the Tea Party Express bus, Sept. 2011

Cain is Able
When Cain’s in the Whitehouse, it will be so fine.
He can put to work his plan called Nine, Nine, Nine.
We need strength and leadership for a change
Not visuals of the President on a golf range.
The economy is in trouble but Cain’s got the plan
He knows how to fix it, since he’s a businessman.
He’ll put Americans back to work in many new jobs
And the hardworking taxpayers, he won’t have to rob.
He’ll put fences on the borders and soldiers, too.
Cain will restore our pride in the red, white, and blue.
Once again, America, in the world, will stand tall
We the people, not the UN, will be making the calls.
For all of our problems there are simple solutions
All the answers can be found in the Constitution.
Cain will guide us toward the Forefathers’ plan
To, once again, make America the Promised Land.
In Florida, Cain appealed to the conservative groups;
Now, Romney and Perry have to jump through hoops.
They just can’t compete with Cain’s “common sense”
Herman’s the man with the plan without pretense.
Cain’s a man of and for the people, there is no doubt
Take a moment to talk to him and you’ll find out.
While other candidates’ bloviate to the people and press,
Herman is looking at the problems that he must address.
It’s too bad the media have been so deaf and blind
To a candidate whose plan is so well defined.
As a Floridian, I am proud to stand up and say
Our straw poll enlightened the electorate of the USA.
                                                Emily Barsch
                                                September 20, 2011, September 27, 2011