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We’re the Tea Party Express, and we’re rockin’ to your town

We’re the Tea Party Express, and we are gettin’ down

Gettin’ down with the issues, shoutin’ them out loud

We the People we are speaking.  And can you hear us now?

Tea Party Express Chair Amy Kremer and Richard Mourdock at the press conference this morning

Sen. Lugar’s GOP challenger wins endorsement of Tea Party Express

By Cameron Joseph – 09/29/11

Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock (R) was endorsed by the Tea Party Express Thursday, the latest sign that Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) will be a major target of Tea Party activists in the next election.

“We are proud to endorse Richard Mourdock for US Senate. For far too long, Senator Lugar has compromised the basic principles of fiscal responsibility that the Tea Party represents,” said Tea Party Express Chairwoman Amy Kremer. “As his voting record tracked increasingly to the left, it became clear it was time for Lugar to be replaced.

In a separate email to TPX supporters, Kremer said,

“Over the past several months, we at Tea Party Express have been quietly preparing to take on Dick Lugar, the man Obama calls his “favorite Republican.” We just needed the right candidate to who could go all the way.  We met with State Treasurer Mourdock several times, and were impressed with his commitment to fiscal responsibility and hard work to support Constitutionally limited government. We discovered that he has been leading the legal fight to challenge the Obama Administration’s illegal bailout and takeover of Chrysler.

When we met with other tea party organizers throughout Indiana and saw how Mourdock had earned their support, we knew we had the right man for the job!”

Can you hear us now???