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I caught a whiff of something the other day having to do with Herman Cain’s wife not campaigning with him.  The jist of it was “Well, that’s not the kind of First Lady I’d want.” The person who told me that is a Rick Perry supporter, adamantly against Cain. “He’d be worse than Obama,” she said.

I replied that I’d rather have a silent partner than another Moochelle.  That stopped the commenter cold.  It was a point upon which we could both agree.

Today’s Shark Tank addresses the issue of candidates’ wives and the campaign trail in a piece titled “The role spouses play in presidential campaigns”.  Excerpt:

The 2012 Presidential cycle is in full-swing, and the wives of Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Rick Perry are already being thrust onto the campaign trail, as both ladies have already chimed in on the race. Following his recent straw poll success at the CPAC-FL and National Federated of Republican Women’s annual meeting, businessman Herman Cain has jumped into the front runner between Romney and Perry. While Cain has said that his wife of 43 years Gloria Cain is not the type of woman that would get as involved in a campaign as past spouses have, and many are now speculating that if the campaign tightens – which it  is expected to do so – that Mrs. Cain could be a secret weapon of sorts that could propel Herman Cain over the primary finish line.

But according to Karen Nussle, the figurative spouse-piece could actually hurt the candidate.

“Pollsters will tell you that a political spouse can not actually improve a candidate’s chances of winning, but she or he can hurt them. From Cindy McCain to Teresa Heinz Kerry to Todd Palin, our recent political history is riddled with examples of spouses who either were too mysterious or too ―risky for the fickle American electorate. Read more about Ann Romney and Anita Perry here: Ripple Communications.”

So how soon will it be until Herman Cain casts his wife Gloria into the spotlight?

Because Mrs. Cain is so reserved and Mr.Cain has been reluctant to exploit her thus far, politicos believe that this could actually bode well for Cain since most voters are tired of the same ol’ retail politicking where politicos shamelessly feature their spouses and families to try to get that extra edge in order to win a race.


credit: BKeyser