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I know Eric.  He rode the Tea Party Express bus with me and the team for nearly three weeks.  He’s as solid as they come.  Please read his warning below in which he explains what is really happening with the protests on Wall Street and around the country. He’s asking us to get this message out to all on our mail lists, Facebook page and Twitter.

Fellow Patriots,

This might be one of the most important newsletters I’ve ever sent out. There is something happening that should have us all very, very concerned and alert.

Let’s get started.

You may or may not recall a post about the “Occupy Wall Street” effort that I published back on September 18th. In that post, long before the “protests” became as mainstream as they are now, I suggested it was an astro-turf effort by radicals to set the stage for some dastardly plans of socialism. Our featured story today is a follow-up post to that and I highly recommend you read it. There is a new layer of this coming into play that I hadn’t previously considered.

You see, back in September I figured this was going to be an effort where the protesters themselves were the main event. In many ways, I think that is what the behind-the-scenes organizers would like us to believe. But in reality, the main event is unraveling right before our eyes and it’s not necessarily the protests themselves. As expected, the media is completely overlooking the dangerous set-up currently happening across America.

What is happening is quite simple, actually. There are many pieces of the puzzle slowly coming together, but one of the largest pieces was the “Durbin Tax,” the amendment Dick Durbin slipped into the Dodd-Frank bill that would force banks to reduce the amount they charged vendors for debit card transactions. Common sense would dictate that major banks wouldn’t just say “well, I guess we lost all of that money.” Instead, common sense logic would suggest the banks would look to consumers to make up for the financial losses caused by Dodd-Frank.

Now think about this. The “Occupy Wall Street” rallies kicked off at the end of September. Major banks began raising fees on debit card usage on October 1st. One of the primary chants heard at these protests are chants against big banks and financial institutions.

Guess what? Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Ben Bernanke, Dick Durbin and MANY on the left are opening up a full frontal assault on… big banks and financial institutions. It’s the perfect storm that allows the socialist agenda to openly declare war against the free-market system while at the same time having a nationwide “movement” to point at as their proof they have backing from the American people.

It’s class warfare at its finest, and this time they’ve created a scenario that gives the appearance of the soldiers being more than just the usual politicians. This is a VERY dangerous and you need to act on it immediately. I beg you, please do not just pass this email off without spreading the word.

Tomorrow (Friday) we’re going to feature a post about this at LibertyNews.com. We MUST get the word out and ensure we’re countering the narrative across all 50 states. Do not let these “puppet masters” set the stage for a war against the free-markets in such a fragile U.S. economy. We’re teetering on the edge financially and we’re very unstable.

Go to Facebook and Twitter, forward this message, do everything you can to let folks know to watch LibertyNews.com tomorrow for a special report on what is happening.

For Liberty,

-Eric Odom

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