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The Wall Street Insider spoke to Ulsterman again. Who is the “Wall Street Insider”? Does he even exist? Your guess is as good as mine. Yet it does make for some very interesting reading. So, for what it’s worth… here’s the latest episode of “The Days of Our Lives”.

Wall Street Insider: Obama 2012 Re-Election “Not An Option”

by on October 9, 2011 with 21 Comments in News

Author’s Note:  This is our second interview with a longtime Wall Street Insider – an individual who, under agreed-to anonymity in order to protect their own and their client’s interests, wishes to share their views on the presidency of Barack Obama, and the past, present, and future of the American socio-economic system.


Ulsterman: First, I have to thank you once again for agreeing to the initial interview.  I understand you were very hesitant, but in the end I think it went very well.

WS Insider:  Agreed.  I found the result to be acceptable.  If I had not, there certainly would not have been this second interview.

Ulsterman:  Given what is happening just down the road from this office, I have to ask you about the Occupy Wall Street events.  You have to have pretty strong feelings about all of this?

WS Insider:  Not really.  Very little of it is real.  It’s…politics.  It’s stupid kids being played by powers they don’t have the capacity to understand.  That’s not to say it isn’t potentially dangerous, or that the president has acted terribly irresponsibly in his clear support for the protests.  But for now, I view it all as a silly sideshow.  A distraction really.  Or an attempted one.

Ulsterman:  How so?

WS Insider:  What?

Ulsterman:  A distraction.  How are the protests a distraction?

WS Insider:  How isn’t it all a distraction?  Look how some in the media are attempting to elevate the protests as something noble – something…”American”.  There is nothing American about what those kids are doing down there. It’s silly. It’s boorish behavior from a wound-up mob of perpetual discontents.  It’s manipulation actually.  Basic manipulation.

Ulsterman:  Who is manipulating this?  Who is behind it?  Obama?  President Obama?

WS Insider:  Not the president directly, no.  He’s simply a benefactor of this – at least he hopes to be.  He’s not capable of this.  President Obama, but for a handful of years and millions of dollars, is just as ignorant and foolish as those kids playing those damn drums in the street.  The fact such a person was made President of theUnited States is more than a bit…troubling.

Ulsterman:  So who is manipulating the protests? You seem to indicate you know.

WS Insider:  Oh, I believe most people really know.  There are media who certainly know.  Some of it has already been reported.  Labor unions.  I would place the labor unions as first in line in helping set all of this up.  This anti-Wall Street rubbish.  As I told you previously, labor unions are destroying this country.  Have been for some time.  Not the rank and file mind you – but the leadership.  They have been infected.  The leadership within those unions have been overtaken by the most vile leftist, anti-free market figures in the history of this nation. I truly believe that.  And as their numbers have declined in private industry, these unions have turned their attentions to federal, state, and local jurisdictions – vastly increased their membership numbers in those institutions.  And they are twisting the arm of this president – hard.

Ulsterman:  How so?

WS Insider:  What did you see in the streets down there?  Beyond the stupidity of those kids.  Those ridiculous people. What did you see?

Ulsterman:  A mess.  A loud mess.

WS Insider:  That mess as you call it…that mess is power.  A display of power.  These unions are showing the president who holds the real power over these people.  They can work for this president, or they can work against him – and it will be the unions who ultimately will make that decision.  That is a significant message being played out down there.  President Obama has little to do with controlling such a mob.  He is simply a by-product of it.  His jobs bill?  (Shakes head)  That move is nothing more than a feeble promise by the president that more money is on its way.  To those unions.  The first stimulus bill…what was that but a massive payback to his labor union masters?  Keep those government checks coming.  Those millions of government employees – the country has reached the tipping point there.  To have a government so big, so vast, so powerful, so controlled now by organized labor.  Labor whose leadership openly embraces socialism, Marxism, and any number of other –isms that all add up to anti-freedom. Anti-business.  Anti-America.  That is what is unfolding just down the street from us.  The people engaged in it are silly and stupid.  Ignorant and incapable.  But the motives of the organizer behind these protests are very-very dangerous to the country.  To each and every one of us.  We are all in terrible danger here.

Ulsterman:  That’s rather bleak.

WS Insider:  The truth often is.  My words don’t do justice to just how dire the situation has become.

Ulsterman:  What’s the remedy?  How does the country go about…dealing with this threat?

WS Insider:  Vote.  Educate ourselves – and vote.  It is the genius of our system – the simplest of remedies, and yet…we squander the opportunity in this country time and time again in favor of continued protection of self-interest, or giving in to more and more distraction.  If your house is on fire, do you continue watching Dancing with the Stars, or do you take action to put out the flames? America is on fire this very moment.  Freedom is being attacked at every level – everywhere.  President Obama is simply adding fuel to this fire.  He appears to have no interest in putting out those flames.  Far from it.  And why would he?  His entire life is a product of years of anti-Americanism is it not?  From his upbringing as a child, to his time as a radicalized college student and later community organizer…to his ascent to the Presidency of theUnited States.  He is what he is, and this country so foolishly and irresponsibly ignored all the realities that are Barack Obama, and gifted him the powers of president.  We are all to blame for this.  All of us.

Ulsterman:  I didn’t vote for the man.

WS Insider:  Your attempt to disqualify blame is not that simple.

Ulsterman:  You just said voting was the simplest of remedies.  Your words.

WS Insider:  (Pause)  Yes…

Ulsterman:  I didn’t vote for the man.  Did you?

WS Insider:  No.

Ulsterman:  No?  You voted for McCain?

WS Insider:  No – I didn’t vote.  I haven’t voted for…for a very long time.

Ulsterman:  Really?  Why not?  How can you sit here and say how genius our system of free elections are and then admit to not even participating?

WS Insider:  I won’t offer up any excuse.  No reasonable one exists.  As I said, we are all guilty – we are all to blame for how the country has devolved into its current condition.  Myself included.

Ulsterman:  So do you intend to vote now?  2012?  You intend to vote?

WS Insider:  Yes – and more.

Ulsterman:  More what?

WS Insider:  Just as our friend is working to defeat the president’s re-election hopes from within the Democratic Party, I am doing what I can in my world.  And I’m not alone in doing so.

Ulsterman:  Wall Street – the donors, the bundlers, they won’t support Obama, right?  I’ve heard that already.

WS Insider:  That’s accurate to some degree – when you say “Wall Street” it’s not a single-entry clubhouse.  Far more vast than that.  And the difference of opinions even more so.  But there is a considerable…refusal if you will, to accommodate this president’s desire to be re-elected among a growing number who are directly or indirectly involved with Wall Street and the business community at large.  This president has attempted to use us as his excuse for what ails the country too often.  It comes much too easily to him.

Ulsterman:  You seem confident.

WS Insider:  Good – that’s my intent.

Ulsterman:  Is it reasonable?  Your confidence?

WS Insider:  Yes.

Ulsterman:  How so?  Why?

WS Insider:  That…I cannot say.  Not yet.

Ulsterman:  The last time we spoke…you were pretty adamant about maintaining respect for the president – President Obama.  You made a point of correcting me when I addressed him.  Do you still feel the need to remain so respectful of somebody you also seem to think was a terrible mistake for the country?  And if so, why?

WS Insider:  It’s how I view the office of president. Its tradition.  It’s…legacy.  This is the greatest country in the history of humankind.  In the last century we saved the world not once – but twice.  Toward the end of that century we freed hundreds of millions from the tyranny of communism…off the subject just a bit…but I have been told you have a great deal of admiration for President Reagan.  Is that so?

Ulsterman:  Yes…and I was told you met him.  Personally.

WS Insider:  I did.  Through a connection to one of his California people.  They were the foundation of his candidacy.  The seed money if you will.  I was loosely affiliated with helping to organize some of that here inNew York.  A remarkable collection of talent surrounded that man – President Reagan.  And he gave every indication of knowing that – and acknowledged it often. Much to his credit.

Ulsterman:  And you met him…when he was president?

WS Insider:  I did.  It remains one of the greatest moments of my life to have shaken his hand. A great human being and yet he was so humble.   The right man at a time when the country needed that very thing. There is so much in common to that time and this time.  What the country is facing. It’s eerie the similarities.

Ulsterman:  Did you vote for Reagan?

WS Insider:  President Reagan.  You mean to say President Reagan.

Ulsterman:  Yes – did you vote for President Reagan?

WS Insider: It is with more than a bit of regret I tell you I did not.

Ulsterman:  Shame on you.

WS Insider:  Yes.  I have had few regrets in this life.  That is one of them.

Ulsterman:  You do intend to vote in 2012 though, right?

WS Insider:  Yes – that’s what I said…and much more than that.  Much more.

Ulsterman:  Can you be more specific?

WS Insider:  How about we start with those fools in the streets?  Time to sweep the streets clean of that charade.

Ulsterman:  How do you plan on doing that?

WS Insider:  By picking up a broom.

Ulsterman:  You won’t say?

WS Insider:  No.

Ulsterman:  What then?

WS Insider:  More former donors will back off from the president.  There will be a significant shift away from the White House in donations.  Significant.  K-Street…much of it, is running from this administration.  And for good reason of course.  Then the ad firms will push against the networks a bit – to facilitate somewhat more balanced coverage of the election than what befell us in 2008.  That was a travesty.

Ulsterman:  Ad firms?

WS Insider:  Yes.  Networks require revenue from these firms…hundreds of millions…billions, in revenue each year.  It is what sustains them.  That revenue will not be a given this time around.  Things must change.  That change will not benefit President Obama.  The unions will attempt to counterbalance that.  Let them try – we will outspend them this time around.  We now have the means to more easily do so.  They put up half a billion for President Obama the last time. Fine. We will put up a billion against him – or more if need be, in 2012.  These unions wish to promote an anti-capitalism agenda and wrap it around the current resident of the White House?  Fine – we will be promoting and protecting the free market as much as has ever been done in my professional lifetime – and that goes back more than a few years.  This face didn’t come to me by taking the easy way.  I earned every crack and crevice.

Ulsterman:  What if Obama – President Obama…what if he wins re-election?

WS Insider:  As our mutual acquaintance has already told you, that is simply not an option.    I want to make something clear here – perhaps I haven’t done so enough.  I have the utmost respect for the position of president.  I have come to hold little respect for the individual who currently holds that position.  I am absolutely convinced of his inability to comprehend even a fraction of what is happening around him.  He is not so much stupid…I don’t wish to say that – but he is clearly very-very ignorant.  There appear to be those around him who like it that way.  Sadly, in order to get to them, we must first inflict a certain degree of damage onto the office of president.

Ulsterman:  What do you mean by damage?

WS Insider:  Our friend has indicated to you their belief that the Fast and Furious scandal is the most serious challenge facing the administration.  That it could lead to the downfall of Attorney General Holder and then leave the president himself vulnerable to things that took place back inChicago.  Is my understanding of that correct?

Ulsterman:  Yes – that sums it up…pretty good.

WS Insider:  I don’t agree with that though.  Fast and Furious is a serious offense to be sure.  What has been revealed – to this point only partially, by the Solyndra scandal, is far more serious, not only to this administration but to the entire Democratic Party.  Many of them have their hands in the corruption that was the Obama Stimulus Bill of 2009.  Solyndra is but one small example of how that money was spent.  The dealings that took place under the false guise of saving the economy.

Ulsterman:  Are you…are you implying –name withheld- is not being honest in their views regarding Fast and Furious vs. Solyndra?

WS Insider:  I don’t wish to say they lack honesty.  I would simply caution you to keep your options open when determining which is the more valuable tool to be used against the Obama administration.  Perhaps both can play equal parts.  It is my personal understanding – and this is the talk of others in positions of some influence, that Solyndra – what Solyndra could ultimately reveal, could prove far more damaging to the entire political system…and certainly to the Democratic Party.  –Name withheld- has spent their adult life protecting that party, promoting that party, and they have made a fine living for themselves doing so.  That kind of loyalty, while admirable, can prove somewhat debilitating when it comes to the kind of… absolution necessary to right these kinds of wrongs.  I will say this – I cannot recall when so many who are so powerful have been so afraid as there are at this time.  –Name withheld- still believes the Democratic Party can be saved.  I don’t agree.  Their attempt to salvage what is left of the party may lead them to promote one Obama scandal over another one at the expense of the greater truth.  I would simply ask that you maintain equal vigilance.  Can you do so?

Ulsterman:  I thought I had.

WS Insider:  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.

Ulsterman:  So you are gonna push the Solyndra scandal against the president?

WS Insider:  Me?  No.  Others more capable of such things are already doing that. I am simply pointing out I believe it to ultimately be of more consequence than Fast and Furious.  Or at the very least – equally important.

Ulsterman:  I have no problem with that – whatever it takes to bring down Obama.

WS Insider:  President Obama.

Ulsterman: Right…President Obama.

WS Insider:  You dislike calling him that, don’t you?

Ulsterman:  He’s not my president.  I won’t give him that respect.

WS Insider:  Respect is to be earned.  I would agree he has not done much in that regard.

Ulsterman:  So look for the Wall Street protests to be…”swept up”.  Look for donors to continue to pull away from the president.  Look for…look for…

WS Insider:  The ad firms.  The ad firms to place pressure upon the networks to provide more favorable coverage.

Ulsterman:  What else?  Am I missing something?

WS Insider:  Solyndra.  And more like it.  Much more.

Ulsterman:  Thank you again for this opportunity.

WS Insider:  Before you go, do you mind if I ask you something?

Ulsterman:  Feel free.

WS Insider:  Who do you plan on voting for in 2012?

Ulsterman:  Anyone but Barack Obama.

WS Insider:  It’s that simple for you?

Ulsterman:  Yes – yes it is.

WS Insider:  You have no preference yet?  From among the GOP candidates?

Ulsterman:  Preferences…sure.  I don’t have an individual choice yet.  Why do you ask?

WS Insider:  I find your…how simple you seem to make it.  Rather…refreshing.

Ulsterman:  The right things are often the most simple.  At least in my experience.

WS Insider:  I am not sure if I should call that naïve or something else.

Ulsterman:  Call it whatever you like – at the end of the day I could give a sh-t.

WS Insider:  (Chuckles) I hope we get to do this again soon.  I’m beginning to genuinely enjoy our little talks. You’re every bit as interesting as I was told you were.

Ulsterman:  Thank you.  I feel the same.


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