From NBC NewYork

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will make a surprise appearance Tuesday to endorse Mitt Romney for president, a week after Christie said he would not be running.

Christie is planning a joint press conference with the former Massachusetts governor at 3 p.m. in New Hampshire, NBC News has learned.

Christie announced last week that he would not be getting into the race for the Republican nomination, saying “now is not my time,” but gave no indication an endorsement was coming soon.

Christie had repeatedly said he would not run, but had begun to waver in recent weeks. When he traveled outside New Jersey for several political appearances late last month, including a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library, he said he began reconsidering his decision.

Ultimately, though, he reached the same conclusion he had felt for a long time.

“The deciding factor was — it did not feel right to me in my gut to leave now, when the job here is not finished,” he said.