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I like the new ad Herman Cain has out there.  It’s creating a buzz in the politisphere (I just made up that word… you like?)

Reminds me of the days I was in management seminars where we were told the importance of developing brief, pithy mission statements.  An example was Komatsu, the Japanese heavy ground moving equipment maker. Their mission statement?  KILL CATERPILLAR.

Right about now, Balloon headed GOP Establishment types are trying to figure out why Cain is still ahead in the polls, resonating with America.  MUST DESTROY, thinks the Rove-borg.  KILL CAIN!

In a Forbes piece by Richard Miniter, he explains how Herman Cain could win this. Miniter has it exactly right.  We got McCain shoved down our throats in ’08.  And despite the Karl Rove & Co. Establishment-ocrats pushing Romney on us, we will NOT have another GOP progressive pushed on us again.  The more Rove holds up his dinky little white board, the more determined we are to vanquish the GOP elite in this next election.  Keep talking, Mr. “Architect”… every time you open your mouth, it’s another vote for Herman Cain.

“This is the power of the new force. It can grab a third-tier candidate by his lapels and put him on top. And the new force is seeking the most electable radical it can find, not the pol patiently waiting in the wings. They want a 21st century reformer who will take on the mid-20th century entitlement state, not a tinkerer trying to keep alive a consensus formed before many of them could vote.”

From The Blaze:

“The new ad from GOP front-runner Herman Cain has pundits scratching their heads, using it to tie the candidate to lobbying money from big tobacco, and in some cases, just laughing out loud.”

As Allahpundit at Hot Air wrote:

“In the next spot, Block should have a smoke in one hand and a can of Schlitz in the other. And as the camera pulls back, there’s Cain next to him, eating a slice of Godfather’s and giving a big thumbs-up.