In the game of poker, there’s a strategy called “Cold Decking”, a cheating tactic used by the dealer to defeat a card player unaware that he’s being gamed with a “stacked deck”.

The house lets the sucker win a few pots — sometimes even a big one — so he feels confident, cocky. They ply him with his favorite liquor — on the house, of course.  Everyone loves a winner, thus the chump is set up to believe the dealer’s card-playing accomplice (who’s in on the scam) praising the sucker’s card playing skill.

Then when the sucker least expects it, his luck “turns”, and all of a sudden he can’t win a hand. He’s losing one deal after another until finally, the house has “won back” all his chips, leaving the chump to go home with empty pockets.

It’s just one of many in the bag of tricks used to take the chump at the table.

And that’s the game being run on Herman Cain by Karl Rove and Co. Not that Herman Cain is a chump.  Far from it. But that’s of no matter to Karl and his accomplices.

So far, dealer Rove, his RINO buddies and the willing media who are in on the game, have been unable to stop Herman Cain’s upward trajectory in the GOP presidential race, despite the hammering he’s been taking from the GOP establishment who’ve already selected their nominee — last year’s loser, RINO Mitt Romney.

Abortion, 9-9-9, electric fences. Last week and all weekend, Rove and Co., not so subtly did what they could to derail Cain’s candidacy. To those of us watching this shuffle, it’s evident a cold deck is being brought out for each fresh deal. Much to their chagrin, so far Herman Cain has won every hand.  Why? The Tea Party’s got his back.

Should we expect to see “The Architect” reach into his bag of political dirty tricks to pull out a Clarence Thomas pubic-hair-on- a-Coke-can weapon and defeat the tea party’s candidate?

Can we expect to see the Focks News Barbie and Ken tools breathlessly bleating that a young boy has been found in Herman Cain’s bed; or some woman is claiming sexual harassment, that Cain was “making” more than pizza?

It’s a trick as old as history itself.  (It worked for Joseph P. Kennedy when he paid Eunice Pringle $10,000 to have her accuse Alexander Pantages of attempted rape so that Joe could buy his chain of movie theaters.)

Karl Rove is a kingmaker.  And Herman Cain does not fit into Rove’s realm. But will the sheeple see that?  Or will they fall for it?  Will they see through the oldest card trick in the world?

Lyle Rapacki, PhD writes:

IN RE:  Karl Rove Infuriating Quotes on Fox

I doubt Rove will apology much less resign; after-all he is speaking the company line.  While very much still the political strategist, Karl Rove is also the keeper of the gate for the Bush organization and “Status Republicans.”  This guy is no light weight, and he clearly works well behind the scenes away from prying eyes, and in the shadows.  The working in the shadows is the more concerning part, as well as how he developed his own power base – even at an early age, so now he doesn’t concern himself with who disagrees with him or doesn’t subscribe to his point of view, which view as I mentioned, is the echo of the Northeast Liberal Republicans of Bush, Romney, McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc.

Rove was a devoted high school Republican in Salt Lake City, a naturally gifted debater with a really good mind for facts and figures.  He became noted as a “Young Republican” in early 1970 when there just were not too many young republicans anywhere.  He attended 4-colleges but never graduated, but he continued to rise to a noteable position as a College Republican, and this brought him to the attention of George H.W. “Poppy” Bush who was Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  At 22-years old, Karl Rove went to work for George Bush, Sr. as Executive Director of the College Republican National Committee.  In 1973, Karl Rove was hired as a Special Assistant to George Bush, Sr. taking on all sorts of political and other matters, and he has been a part of the Bush organization ever since.  He cut his teeth as a shrewd “dirty-tricks” operative, with only one concern – win!

Bush, Sr. knew this about Rove so he tasked Karl to take over the campaign for George W. when “W” ran for Governor of Texas…the Bushies did NOT want another embarrassment like they experienced when “W” ran for Congress in 1978 from Midland, Texas and lost BIG TIME.  Karl Rove then took charge of developing a complete make over of “W” and begin the process of positioning him for the presidency.

This is all to say that Karl Rove IS the public face of RINO’S everywhere, as well as the Northeast Republican establishment.  The Bush organization is a very powerful conglomerate which, in large measure, is the Northeast Republican establishment.  They all know well Obama is not constitutionally eligible, but the “pass” was given a while back when Obama was plucked from obscurity to become the president.

Pastor Manning proved just how the caricature of Obama came into being, a nobody with a manufactured background who was put forward as a “Manchurian-type” to introduce an agenda very foreign to all that the United States of America stands for.  Orly Taitz, also has taken brave steps to demonstrate the level of fraud manipulated upon an unsuspecting electorate, and which continues to this day.

There is absolutely no way a court will allow such gross fraudulent actions, known by all the controlling Elite, to be presented so the light of day can be shed on this huge deception, much less allow such damning evidence to be presented in open court.  A house of cards would fall with all the duplicity involved.  Plus the removal of Obama would be a huge blow to the progressive agenda unfolding.  As insurance for an Obama loss in November, the Bush organization has put the stamp of approval on Romney.

Karl Rove is a polished political operative cut out of the same cloth as a James Carvill but only appearing kinder and gentler.  Make no mistake, he is not above intimidating a person.  You saw that side of him at work during the Fox interview; he provided a glimpse of the annoyance by the establishment towards those who dare question them and their hand-picked minions.

I think the work Orly, and others …have accomplished are not at all dissimilar to the early Patriots of the colonies who dared to stand and oppose the tyrant Elites of England in their day.

Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist
Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment
Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst


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