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Every morning in my mailbox is a collection of political cartoons gathered by a hard working group who’ve worked overnight to scan, collect, and disseminate what they think are the best of the bunch.

This one was among them.  I liked it.  Do you?  It has a certain “je ne sais quoi”, no?

And to “top it off” (ahem…) here’s this… (my comments indicated with boldface type)

The State Department has bought (with our tax dollars) more than $70,000 worth of books (allegedly) authored by President Obama (ummm, let’s change that to Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist), sending out copies as Christmas (???) gratuities and stocking “key libraries” around the world with “Dreams From My Father” more than a decade after its release.

The U.S. Embassy in Egypt, for instance, spent $28,636 in August 2009 for copies of Mr. Obama’s best-selling 1995 memoir. Six weeks earlier, the embassy had placed another order for the same book for more than $9,000, federal purchasing records show. (Hot seller!  The Muslims love him.)

About the same time, halfway around the world, the U.S. Embassy in South Korea had the same idea and spent more than $6,000 for copies of “Dreams From My Father.”

One month later, the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, spent more than $3,800 for hardcover copies of the Indonesian version of Mr. Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope,” records show.

The article continues, if you can stomach it.