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The Cucumber and Mayo Mitt Romney finger sandwich will be served at the DC Cocktail Party set’s coronation of Mittens.

Tonight on my radio program…

HILLBUZZ‘ Kevin DuJan will join us to talk about a couple of things on his mind.  Like Mittens and the Cain.  Then we’ll talk about a couple of things on mine as well, like Red Rover and the Cain.  And if you have something on YOUR mind, like Ron Paul or Noot, we’ll take your calls (646-478-4604).

But first, Kevin asks:

Is Herman Cain for real or is he a stalking horse like some are rumor mongering?

Next… Kevin tells us what you can do with all that leftover Halloween candy.  You know, the stuff that ISN’T chocolate?


From our friends at Catholic Advocate

Deal Hudson, President of Catholic Advocate, will pop in this evening to tell us about this new initiative.

Link to listen to the show by CLICKING HERE.