World Net Daily is reporting on a pair of lawsuits that are intended to stop Obama from being qualified at the state level to run for re-election.

The Liberty Legal Foundation has filed a pair of lawsuits in state and federal courts that don’t ask anything about Obama’s birth or for any determination from the court about his eligibility. Or his birth certificate, for that matter.

This suit, like all the others that failed, requires action by the courts to enforce the law with respect to Obama. In addition, the injunction sought would indirectly force the issue of presidential eligibility.

One of my readers/listeners doubts this lawsuit will get anywhere, based on past actions.  He believes that with a recalcitrant Congress and Courts that refuse to hear it, only thing that will force the issue is military intervention at the highest levels.

The courts have demonstrated repeatedly that they will not allow the judicial system to become involved in this issue.

I don’t see it going anywhere.

Unfortunately I don’t have a better idea. If Congress and the courts will not act, what is left?

The only sufficient leverage I see is with senior active and retired military officers who desire to be true to their oath of office.

I am not suggesting a coup, only a demand for proof of eligibility as well as a demand for a Congressional investigation into the apparent eligibility fraud in the 2008 presidential election, including the election fraud involving the deliberate tampering with public records of the Minor v. Happersett ruling by Justia.com, the deliberate misrepresentation of the natural born citizen requirement by the Congressional Research Service, fraudulent candidate certification by the DNC, and identity fraud together with the associated document forgery.

We need a senior military officer, probably retired, to provide the requisite leadership.

In a smoke-filled room somewhere in America, sit a small group of well-connected men whose uniformed and be-medaled service to our country make them heroes in the annals of military history.  They are being called upon again  — duty-bound — to save their country from enemies that seek to destroy it. This time the foe is not just foreign. As the scent of old leather and brandy mix with the aroma of fine cherry flavored tobacco, a fire crackles in the hearth while the war eagles lay out a plan…

Sigh… One can only hope.