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Oh the weather outside is frightful….

I grew up on Boston’s North Shore, in the seaside town known as the “Witch City”.  Right now they are in high season with Salem’s annual “Haunted Happenings”, a month of events guaranteed to spook, scare, and bedevil thousands of tourists who descend upon the 1626 locale famed for its witch trials to participate in all manner of spell-making.

The annual “Haunted Happenings Witches’ Ball” is set for this weekend, under what is usually a harvest moon.  But guess what? They’ll be hard pressed (that’s a pun) to find the moon, much less trick or treat when it’s blowin’ a nor’easter, dumping rain and snow on the pumpkins.

Reminds me of a limerick… “When the frost is on the pumpkin, it’s not time for….” well, nevermind.  The rest of it isn’t… uh,  family friendly, if you catch my snow drift.

Anyway, here’s the forecast…

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