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Monday night on The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW

Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee

talks about the upcoming history-making Tea Are The World concert!


America's Mighty Warriors

Join with us and the First Coast Tea Party as we “Rally the Right” on Nov 6, 2011 at 2:00p ET at 8493 Baymeadows Way, Jacksonville, Florida for the kick-off concert for Tea Are The World Project benefiting America’s Mighty Warriors. 100% of the proceeds go to support our troops and the families of the fallen. The concert is free and we will be accepting donations and selling the CD/DVD,T-shirts, and other merchandise. Visit www.americasmightywarriors.org to learn more about the impact that this National charity is having for our troops and the families of the fallen.

2:00PM – Tea Are The World concert and Speakers

4:00PM – Speakers and entertainment from First Coast Tea Party including Rick Santorium and Anita Moncrief

Featured Musicians from the Project:

Lloyd Marcus-Since penning the “America Tea Party Anthem” in 2008, attending over 300 tea parties nationwide, black conservative singer/songwriter Lloyd Marcus has emerged as a prominent Keynote Speaker/Entertainer of the tea party movement. A prolific writer, Marcus’ articles are featured worldwide. Marcus is seen on FoxNews, CNN, PJTV, RIGHT NETWORK and more.

As the liberal media continues to claim the tea party movement racist, ironically, a black patriot, Lloyd Marcus produced the “Tea Are The World” project. Marcus gathered conservative musical artists across America to record his original song, “Taking Back America” with all proceeds benefiting the families of fallen U.S. soldiers, America’sMightyWarriors.org

Norm Cady

Chris Cassone

Murray Goff

Maredy Hanford

Lisa Kelly

Stony Sixma

Guest Speakers:

Debbie Lee is an author, public speaker and political activist who has traveled the nation telling her sons amazing story and advocating for our troops, their families and families of the fallen. Debbie understands the sacrifice our troops make and that “Freedom isn’t free.”

On Aug 2, 2006 she received a knock on the door that would forever change her life. She was notified that her son Marc Alan Lee had been killed in action becoming the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq. By God’s strength she chose to rise above the most devastating circumstance of her life to impact other’s lives giving them hope and encouragement. In response to her son’s last letter home to “pass on the love, the kindness, the precious gift of human life” she founded America’s Mighty Warriors and opened “Heroes Hope Home”  as a respite for other Gold Star families.

Debbie is the Spokesperson for Move America Forward , the Tea Party Express and has completed a multitude of cross country tours, endorsed and campaigned for conservative candidates, organized shipments of care packages to deployed troops, visited Gitmo and Iraq twice, becoming the First Gold Star Mom in history to visit the combat zone where her son died. She has conducted over 1000 media interviews and has been a regular on FOX News. She has met with President Bush numerous times and can often be found on Capitol Hill advocating for our troops.

Benjamin Smith served as a Navy SEAL from 2000-2006. He deployed on numerous covert missions to South America, Africa and Iraq, as he upheld the oath he took to defend our country against enemies both foreign and domestic.  Benjamin is a spokesman for Americas Mighty Warriors and spoke for Tea Party Express and Move America Forward during the 2010 elections. Ben has also appeared on FOX News and provided security for Newt Gingrich, Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin. He is also an actor, model, contributing author, public speaker, musician and Constitutionalist.  Currently Benjamin is working with the Ilario Pantano campaign in North Carolina’s swing District 7 for the US House of Representatives.

Ilario Pantano is a respected combat veteran, and bestselling author who has worked in both global markets and small business. The “born again Southerner” is a 39 year-old conservative, committed to promoting job creation and revitalizing the economy, protecting the homeland and preserving our conservative values. In 2010 Pantano won the Republican Nomination to represent South Eastern North Carolina in the US congress. He was narrowly defeated by a 14 year incumbent Democrat who needed $600,000 from Nancy Pelosi to keep his job. In 2012, with your help and God willing, Pantano will finish what we started and be a strong conservative voice for you and your family in the US congress.

Please share this with your email lists, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media. If you are unable to attend please visit www.Americasmightywarriors.org and purchase your copy of TATW or make a donation.

Debbie will be available for autographs and will be handing out thank you cards to our Vets who have served and sacrificed so much. They are America’s Mighty Warriors!!!!