Herman Cain and wife Gloria

The Cain Wedding Day - 1968

“I run a business. Disgruntled sorts sue after they leave for any number of reasons.

I have had to defend myself against any number of charges of sexism (!), racism, and being anti gay, just so someone could get some cash.

Interestingly its sometimes not even the employee themselves that is the issue.

An example:

A black, gay male quit his job to leave the area. He decided that he deserved unemployment compensation and applied as he was packing for points far away. His claim was denied by the state.

He then said I was a racist homophobe and that although he quit (after working for 5 years apparently happily to move far away), he left because the workplace was hostile, racist and homophobic. Just so he could get his $177 a week. And he put this in writing and went to court and said it out loud. So I suppose if I ran for office someone would unearth it, and him, pay him $50 and “prove” I am a bad person.

There is no end to what people will do, and this “news item” is not of interest to me.

As far as Mrs. Cain not liking to be in the papers, good for her. I have had enough of Michelle Obama and her fawning press and desire to be on the cover of everything”

— Comment by hc123 at No Quarter