You’ve seen him on the Glenn Beck show. Tonight, he’s on ours.


9 pm ET

Phil Kerpen is one of the nation’s leading television and radio commentators regarding economic growth issues.  A highly respected expert on government economic and regulatory policy, Phil is also an opinion columnist at and chairman of the Internet Freedom Coalition.  His op-eds have appeared in major publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Boston Globe, New York Post, Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News, San Diego Union-Tribune, and many others.

Now he’s written a new book, DEMOCRACY DENIED: How Obama Is Ignoring You and Bypassing Congress to Radically Transform America—and How to Stop Him, and he wants to tell us about it.

In DEMOCRACY DENIED, Phil presents an authoritative account of President Obama’s nullification of the 2010 election results, the “regulatory tyranny” he has imposed, and how to stop him.

The electoral “shellacking” that President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats suffered last year should have sent a clear message to Washington that an infamous era of reckless spending, government bailouts, unprecedented regulation, and new federal intrusions on our freedoms was over.  But the fundamental change demanded by American voters last November—now one year ago—never occurred.

In this book, Phil —Vice President of Americans for Prosperity—exposes how President Obama has thwarted democracy by imposing a host of radical liberal policies—not through the legislative process, but by executive fiat.  By continuing to promote his agenda through the unprecedented use and expansion of executive powers, President Obama is rapidly making Congress—the elected representatives of the people—completely irrelevant.

DEMOCRACY DENIED is a guide to understanding and defeating the radical agenda that President Obama intends to implement by unilateral regulatory action, unaccountable czars, and a gross disregard for Congress and constitutional procedures.

Kerpen demonstrates that it doesn’t matter what legislation does or does not pass the House or Senate because the Obama Administration has stretched the executive branch’s authority beyond all limits.

He shows how President Obama is using regulatory action to bypass the democratic will of the people in order to seize control of our financial system, impose cap-and-trade without Congressional approval, take over the Internet, force Americans into unions, attack offshore drilling, and obliterate personal property rights.

But Kerpen also presents a practical plan of action to end Obama’s regulatory tyranny and restore our democracy.

Phil Kerpen is Vice President for policy at Americans for Prosperity (AFP)—a national grassroots organization committed to educating Americans about economic freedom and returning the federal government to its constitutional limits.

Prior to joining AFP, Phil Kerpen served as policy director and executive director for the Free Enterprise Fund, an organization he co-founded in 2005. Kerpen also worked as an analyst and researcher for the Club for Growth, the Woodhill Foundation, and the Cato Institute.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Kerpen currently resides in Washington, D.C., with his wife, Joanna, and their daughter, Lilly.