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Headlined on this morning’s DRUDGE REPORT…

REPORT: Iran in final stages of developing nuclear weapons…

IAEA report set to stoke Middle East tension…

In an interview on Focks “News” this morning, former UN Ambassador John Bolton says Israel is going to need to strike Iran soon and should have struck long ago.

“It’ll be tough for the Obama administration when they do,” Bolton said, explaining that Israel’s not going to ask for US permission. “They won’t give us a heads-up (when they strike) because they know that the consequences under the current Administration would be to impose restrictions on Israel.”

When asked what he anticipated Iran’s response would be to an Israeli strike, Bolton said, “Iran’s response — have Hezbollah and Hamas fire missiles into israeli population. Very risky for Israel, but if you don’t like Iran today, imagine what it’ll be like when they have nuclear capability.”

“There are many aspect of irans’ nuclear program that cannot be explained other than their efforts to have nuclear bombing capability.”

An IAEA report to come out later this week, “will add considerable credibility to concerns we’ve had for quite a long time.”