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Judson Phillips and I traveled together on the Tea Party Express’ national tour last August/September.  I can tell you from experience, Judson’s never at a loss for words.  This morning, he set a few of them down on his site “Tea Party Nation”.

I agree with his assessment.  Do you?

Left wing lawyer (and attention whore) Gloria Allred is holding a press conference today with another woman who claims that Herman Cain sexually harassed her.

The specific details of what she is going to allege have not been made public.   What is known is that she is claiming that she went to Cain for help with an employment issue and that Cain sexually harassed her.

The double standard from the left remains amazing.  They are coming out of the woodwork to pile on Cain, yet historically and even to this day ignore similar behavior by liberals.

Perhaps the left should have complained about Barney Frank’s sexual trysts with an executive at Fannie Mae when he had Congressional oversight over that organization.

Of course they have ignored Bill Clinton’s history as well as the philandering of other liberal democrats.

Herman Cain is on the receiving end of a coordinated smear campaign.  Cain, who as everyone knows is not my first choice to be President, is a threat to the Democratic Party.

The message the Democrats continue to send out is that black people are kept down because of racism and only through the welfare state can they even survive and only by voting Democrat will the chains of poverty and racism be broken.

Given that has been the message of the Democrat Party for the last fifty years, perhaps the black community should be asking themselves, “how is this working out for us?”

Either the Democrats are totally incompetent or their message is nothing more than bovine scatology.

The Democrats may be to the extreme left, but they are not incompetent.  Their message is bovine scatology and Herman Cain is the great example of the American dream.   Herman Cain sends a message to the black community that if you work hard and follow the rules, you too can be a success.

This is why Herman Cain is such a threat to the far left and this is why they think the must destroy him now.

Herman Cain is such a threat to their control over the black vote; the far left is dragging these allegations out now.  This is the kind of stuff you want to start dragging out about thirty days in front of a general election.  This is the kind of material that makes an “October surprise.”

With the possibility Cain could win the nomination, why did the left not hold their fire until then?

Cain represents something the left cannot tolerate.  He is a dissenting voice.  He does not say America is a racist country.  Just the opposite.  He says America is great.  That is a message the left cannot allow to get out.

If the Herman Cain message reaches the black community, they will turn their backs on the far left and take their votes away.  That would condemn the Democrats to a permanent minority and they know that.

The allegations against Herman Cain are simply that.  They are allegations.  These allegations are the easiest to make and the hardest to disprove.  Herman Cain cannot prove a negative.  He cannot prove something did not happen.

Unfortunately for him, that is the burden of proof the media is putting on him.

The left says Herman Cain must be destroyed and they are doing their best to destroy him now.

We, on the right, cannot let that happen. We must stand up for a great conservative.

We must stand up for Herman Cain.