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Rove’s strategy is working.

Today’s Rasmussen Poll:

Most voters now say that the sexual harassment allegations made against Herman Cain may be both serious and true. At the same time, two-thirds believe Cain’s ethics are at least as good as most politicians. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 51% of voters nationwide say it is at least somewhat likely the allegations against Cain are both serious and true.

I’ve said this several times on my radio program, and I’ve written about it many times here on this site.  This morning I’m repeating it and I urge you to get involved in the process at your local level NOW.  

Call your local Republican Executive Committee office and find out what you can do to get involved in the upcoming primaries.  How you can impact, affect, and change the course of events in the Presidential candidate selection process. Do it now.

Here’s what I believe is happening. We are seeing the ugliness, the decadent depravity, the worst side of human nature being displayed in electoral process. Why? Have you been watching what the media’s doing?  Do you think they’re simply reporting the news?  Hah, not even close.

I’m convinced Rove & Co. are behind this.  They must kill Herman Cain now because the holidays are coming up, and Cain’s campaign must be dead and buried before the primaries in January so that their boy Mitt will be the “frontrunner”.

The Tea Party movement sees thru this, and with every attack on Cain, it is an attack on the citizens who understand the battle underway between the GOP Establishment and the conservative movement.

Does Karl & Co. think we are idiots? that we don’t see through this?  This cannot stand.  This will not stand. 

Are you with me?