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While political junkies and much of America were tuned in to the umpteenth presidential debate (see 53-second gaff)…

… the rest of red-blooded America was tuned to ABC for the 45th Annual Country Music Awards show.

Earlier yesterday afternoon on Glenn Beck’s GBTV program — live from Nashville, the heart of Country Music — Hank Williams Jr. stopped in to chat, and while he was there he grabbed his guitar and played “Keep the Change”, the monster mega hit (fastest loaded song at Amazon in country music history) he penned after his signature NFL Monday Night football song was unceremoniously dumped by ABC-owned ESPN. You remember that, don’t you? Fox & Friends? Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade had a cow when Hank Jr. commented on the “infamous golf game”? Yeah, you remember.

Beck and Hank Jr. talked about that moment, and Hank assured him that he wasn’t through with Fox & Friends or ESPN or ABC or anyone else who twisted his words and deliberately misinterpreted what he says.

“When I get motivated, lookout! I’m Pearl Harbor”, he said. “They were the Japanese. Look out!”  

So during a break on GBTV, Hank Jr. leaned in and whispered to Glenn something that very few people knew: Hank Jr. was going to be part of the opening ceremony at the CMA show, which of course was being telecast on ABC network, parent company of ESPN.

Here’s how THAT went.  Watch the first four minutes.  It blew away the 10,000 member audience.  Standing ovation, baby.  On. Their. Feet.  Hank Jr. was there with all his rowdy friends. Collectively giving ABC/ESPN a huge raspberry.