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This link also offers videos of past debates.
November 12, 2011    8pm ET / 5pm PT on CBS
November 19, 2011    5pm ET on C-SPAN   Thanksgiving Family Forum
November 22, 2011    8pm ET on CNN
December 10th, 2011   9pm ET on ABC
December 15, 2011    9pm ET on Fox News
December 19, 2011    4pm ET on PBS
January 7th, 2012       Air time TBD on ABC
January 8, 2012           9am ET on NBC
January 16, 2012         9pm ET on Fox News
January 19th, 2012      Air time TBD on CNN
January 23, 2012         Air time TBD on NBC
January 26th, 2012      Air time TBD on CNN
February 22, 2012        8pm ET on CNN
March 5th, 2012     Air time TBD on NBC
March 19th, 2012   Air time TBD on PBS