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Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Andrea Shea King

Former liberal activist/turned tea party conservative Brandon Darby and Sheriff Joe Arpaio were featured speakers at the Choose Liberty 2012 event sponsored by the Eastern Orlando Tea Party.  In an earlier post, I predicted this event with Sheriff Arpaio would surely be controversial.  And it was.

As Sheriff Arpaio took the podium, Darby called security over to point out Occupy Orlando activists who were preparing to cause a disruption at the private event. When the activists tried to interfere with Arpaio’s right to speak and the tea party’s right to peaceably assemble, Darby and Chad Biddinger of Libertylink.com escorted the trespassers out.

Later they bagged and escorted another activist out the door. Bagging, I learned, means throwing a jacket or large piece of fabric (in this case, a tablecloth) over the head of the resister to disorient them, and then rushing them out the door.  This video appears at Breitbart TV.  Andrew Breitbart has been instrumental in helping Darby get his story out when no other media will.

Darby’s life story as a former Black Panther member and leftist activist turned FBI informant is compelling.  And a lesson to all that the Left is a cancer on our society, claiming to defend our rights when in reality they do exactly the opposite.  Brandon Darby tells how they do it.  He would know — he was an organization leader who taught others, including Medea Benjamin of Code Pink to disrupt corporation shareholder and other peaceful gatherings.

I interviewed Brandon Darby and Sheriff Joe Arpaio for the Tea Party Review Magazine. You can watch those interviews along with others — political analyst/strategist Jim Oddie, and event organizer Duane Coffey. Watch them at Tea Party Review Magazine’s website.

Tune in to my radio show Monday night when I’ll have more details about Choose Liberty 2012.