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“Dear State of Georgia, Secretary of State:

It has come to my attention your office has posted Barack Obama as the sole Democrat candidate for President on the Ga. Primary Ballot. This notice is my challenge and request he be removed from our ballot as he does not meet the minimum qualifications as set forth in Article II Section I Clause V concerning the Natural Born Citizen status.

Jurisdiction falls squarely on the shoulders of your office as head of the Georgia Board of Elections and it is your sworn duty as a man of honor and Public Servant to protect and defend the Constitution. The very U.S. Constitution that is now under attack and assault by the DNC for having failed in their responsibility to submit an eligible candidate for inclusion on our ballot.”

The letter above, written by Carl Swensson, American Citizen, reflects the concerns of a large and growing number of active patriots, defenders of the Constitution, who have been laboring since before the last presidential election to show why Obama is a usurper president.

This brave and vocal group are making headway in their pursuit to force investigations at the state level.  They intend to require State legislators and their State Ballot Commissions to vet Obama’s legitimacy under Article 2, Sec. 1 of the Constitution, and are currently pushing the issue in the Granite State of New Hampshire.

And as you can see from the letter excerpted above, the state of Georgia has received an official challenge from one of its residents to do the same.

Tonight Pamela Barnett will join us at 9 pm ET on my radio program to talk about their efforts.

Captain Pamela Barnett, U.S. Army Retired is a key Obama eligibility activist who has a lawsuit pending against Obama in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which asks the court to rule on whether or not he is a legal President.

She began her activism in the eligibility truth movement in the fall of 2008 before the Presidential Election.  Captain Barnett has filed many Freedom of Information Act requests to several different governmental bodies and has received proof that Obama has never been vetted by the federal or Illinois state government.   

He has never had to fill out a federal I-9 form as an elected official or show a certified copy of a birth certificate or go through E-Verify. 

Some of this research from the book she is writing, “Never Vetted, Unlawful President”, is now being entered with election complaints and lawsuits.

She has recently released the website Obama Ballot Challenge 2012 to provide news and information on challenging the ballot in all 50 states.  Barnett’s personal blog is www.unlawfulpresident.com.