UPDATE: Thank you to so many who have emailed to express your concern about my mother. I appreciate it more than you know. I’m back home now after a weekend spent with her, and Mom is being well cared for in her final days by those who love her and are seeing to her comfort. Her medical team says she doesn’t have long, but I think she just might prove them wrong. There’s a lot of the feisty still left in her.

My Mom Pauline

Blogging will be light (if non-existent) over the next few days.  I’m heading north to visit my Mom who has chosen to take her final journey, the one we all will eventually.

Mom has been valiantly fighting cancer for several years, and now at age 84, she’s weary and ready to rest.  So her children, my siblings and I, will be with her one last time to hold her hand and tell her she is loved.  And appreciated.  And will be missed.